Part 5 Finale - To Forgive And Forget

Edwards Residence - Greenland Bay

Davey rubbed his tired eyes as he walked into the empty living room. The TV was on but no-one was watching it. He noticed his mother always turned the TV on if she was alone in the house, he guessed it kept her company when he was staying over at Madison's.

"Morning mum, what's happenin'?" Davey asked his mother who was vigorously stirring, what was mostly a cake or muffin mixture in a bowl.

"Oh good morning sweetheart! Did you sleep well?" Caroline Edwards didn't look up but she wore a big smile on her face when she wished her son good morning.

"Yeah, okay. You?"

"Oh just delightful! Now I've got some toast on it'll be ready in a jiffy." She said placing the bowl down on the kitchen counter and darting over towards the oven to turn it on.

"Are you alright sweetheart? You've been awfully quiet lately? Is everything okay with you and Madison... I'm sorry honey I don't mean to pry. You don't have to tell if you don't want to."

They both crunched away on their toast, the noise of the TV drowning out any uncomfortable silence.

"No, it's okay mum, you're not prying." He sighed heavily before speaking again. "Madison and I had another fight."

"Oh sweetheart, I'm sorry to hear that."

"She can just be so damn selfish sometimes, you know. Everything is about her all the time. Sometimes I think she forgets there are even other people on this planet, oh wait, that would only be when they are all focused on her." Davey angrily took a bite of his toast and crumbs fell into his lap.

"Well she is definitely quite the dramatic young woman but I'm sure she'll grow out of that soon, much like you grew out of being rebellious."

"I dunno about that," Davey mutttered under his breath.

"All relationships take work unfortunately sweetie. There are no fairy tales, I know that now. I mean look at what happened with your father. We had our ups and downs but he wasn't fully committed in our relationship, I understand that now but at the time I don't think I wanted to believe it."

"My father is nothing but a useless..."

"Davey! Please do not speak of him like that! Your father was a wonderful man while I was with him and I have since forgiven him for what he did, otherwise I would not be able to continue on. It's best to forgive and forget sweetheart than dwell on the past. Do you understand that honey? It's not worth letting what happened in the past affect your future, even if the future might not seem so bright at the time."

Davey finished his toast and grabbed his plate to put into the sink. He thought about what his mother said. He wasn't sure when or even if he would ever be able to forgive his father.

"Sweetheart, can I say one more thing?"

"Sure." Davey nodded at his mother.

"Don't give up on her honey, I can see that you both really love and care for each other. Maybe tell her how you're feeling, preferably without yelling it though."

Davey rolled his eyes. But he knew his mother was right about the way they spoke to each other. She had witnessed it a couple of times when Madison stayed here the night.

"Yeah, okay. Anyway, I'd better get ready for work." Davey said starting to walk off.

Caroline quickly leaned in and gave her son a hug. After all that she and Davey had been through, with his father walking out on them years ago and then not having anywhere to live, she was glad that even to this day he was still able to talk to her and tell her what was going on in his life.

"Maybe I'll give her a call on my lunch break today."

"Oh that's wonderful darling and if all goes well, maybe you should invite her over for dinner? I'd love to see Madison again, but only if you don't have any other plans, okay? I don't want you cancelling just because of me, you hear."

Davey laughed. "Mum, I haven't any plans, so I'll see you later, maybe with Madison if she is still talking to me."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Greenland Bay Central Park

Josh took his mobile phone from the back pocket of his jeans and scrolled through the saved texts till he found Margo Kane's name. He was double checking the time they'd agreed on to meet at Central Park today.

He couldn't see her anywhere so he decided to circle around the park hoping to find her. Josh hadn't seen Margo since graduation. He remembered they'd danced together and he'd gone off to the men's toilets for moment only to come back to find her gone.

"Hey there stranger!" Josh said as he took a seat on the vacant swing.

Margo stopped swinging, startled to see the boy she once had the biggest crush on. "Josh, hi!"

"So, what's been happening?" He asked her smiling. He noticed there was something different about her but he couldn't quite figure it out. She still looked the same but obviously a little older. Maybe it was her hair, he thought, he didn't remember it being that long but he liked it and thought that it made her look really pretty.

"Oh, you know. Same old, nothing too exciting," Margo smiled back. Her heart suddenly fluttered in her chest as she stared back at him thinking how cute he still was.

They both chatted back and fourth filling each other in on what they'd been up to since High School. Margo was surprised to hear that Josh and Natasha were no longer together. She noticed he seemed pretty bummed about this so she didn't probe into the how's or why's, that would have been rude anyway.

"Come on, it was your idea!" Josh called from the ice-skating rink.

It was still Autumn, only a few days away from Winter, but the local Council had set up the ice-skating rink early this year. Margo had always wanted to try ice-skating but she was prone to falling over all the time so she didn't think she'd be very good at it.

"Maybe I'll just watch from the sidelines," she said.

"Nonsense! Get on over here!"

She couldn't resist his charms or how cute he was or the fact that she was actually on a date with Joshua Seymour. When she was in school she'd dream't of this moment almost everyday. They barely even talked during school because of Natasha.

"I guess it's not that hard, is it." Margo said as she slowly and carefully skated beside Josh.

"Agh! Don't leave me! I'll fall!" Margo yelled, waving her arms about trying to balance herself.

"You'll be fine. Hey, watch this!" Josh said spinning quickly in the one spot.

"Show off," Margo teased.

Margo must have been going too slowly for Josh because he waved her over to where he was now standing and then he quickly took her hands to help her balance herself. He then bent his knees slightly tellling Margo to do the same. They spun round and round and round and Margo started to laugh. She was starting to feel dizzy but she was having so much fun.

As they spun together on the ice she stared back into his blue eyes just as she'd done when they danced together at Prom and she realized that she still did have a crush on him.

The sky suddenly clouded over and it started to rain so they quickly kicked off their skates and made a run for it towards one of the umbrellas over near the fountain.

"Wow, that's some crazy weather," Josh said plonking himself down on the wooden chair.

Margo brushed a wet strand of hair off her damp cheek. "Yeah, I didn't even notice the sky getting dark."

There was a silence between them as the wind picked up and the rain started to get heavier.

"So, um, I wanted to apologize for how the girls treated you in school. It was totally unfair."

"Oh, well, um, to-be-honest-I'd-forgotten-all-about-it." Margo lied.

It was partly true, she had briefly forgotten those days. She decided a while ago to forgive them for how they treated her. She knew it said more about themselves than Margo and she knew Natasha was just being protective of Josh and the fact that he was her boyfriend. Margo could kind of see how annoying it would be though for someone to have a crush on the guy you were going out with.

"So, did you drive here?" Josh asked.

"No, I walked. I haven't got my license yet." Margo replied sheepishly as if not having her drivers license made her out be some sort of freak.

"Oh, well do you want me to drive you home? I mean cause it's, like, raining?"

"No but thanks for the offer. I'll just get a lift with mum, she's said she'd be shopping over at the Plaza about this time." She quickly looked at her watch.

"Alright then." Josh stood up and walked over to Margo. "Well, it's been a pleasure, Miss Kane." He said taking her hand in his and then laying a tender kiss on it.

"Oh!" Margo giggled loudly as she felt his lips touch the back of her hand. Wow, she thought. What an amazing afternoon she had with him and to have it end like this. It was like one of her dreams had come true--except Josh wasn't holding the reins of a pure white horse and he wasn't wearing a Knights outfit and she wasn't wearing a princesses gown--but, it was close enough.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Frio Residence - 14 Sierra Tango St, Greenland Bay

Susannah walked into the kitchen heading straight over to the coffee machine. She noticed Connor had already made her a coffee which she appreciated.

"Thanks for the coffee." She said taking her first sip. "Are you able to pick Flynn up from his girlfriends house on your way home from work tonight?"

Connor sighed. "Yeah, sure. But it probably won't be till later in the evening."

"Well I don't think that will bother him. I'd do it myself but I've gotta stay back at the Station tonight, they're introducing this new broadcasting system and they want to thoroughly test it out." This was partly true she did have to stay back, but afterwards she would swing by Johnny's on her way home. She was already thinking about him holding her in his arms.

"Will you come sit and drink your coffee with me?" Connor asked.

"I can't Connor, I'm running late as it is and the kids probably aren't even ready yet." She saw the look on his face. Maybe she would but only for a minute, maybe this was the time to tell him. Tell him what she'd had on her mind for the past few months.

"I had a word to them both about being ready in the mornings for you." Connor said sliding off his chair.

"I know you did and I appreciate that but they are just kids at the end of the day."

They both sat in silence, Susannah sipping her coffee already feeling the caffeine kick in. "Connor, I'd like to get a divorce."

"What!?" He was so surprised by what he just heard that he almost shouted his response at her.

"Please don't make this difficult for me. I've made my decision."

"But..but.. you didn't even discuss it with me first! I thought we were going to try to work this out!" The volume of his voice went up another notch. He couldn't help it, he didn't want to just give up on their marriage.

Susannah walked off towards the front door as she wasn't prepared to stand there and listen to Connor yell at her. He caught up with her half way, she was gathering her handbag and some keys she normally left on the side table.

"Suzie, please wait." He touched her arm but she pushed him away.

"Don't Connor, please. I've already made my mind up. I made it up long ago." She said.

Ouch. For Connor the felt more than just a sting. It actually hurt a lot. "Susannah, please! You can't do this! I'm beggin you! If it's about the affair then..."

She cut him off. "It's not just about the affair! Yes it really hurt me but it also crushed any trust that I had with you. Can you even understand that? I feel like I cannot trust you! Look, I don't have time to talk about this now, I'm running late as it is." Susannah turned around and yelled to down the hallway towards the kids rooms.

Zoey was packing a few things into her school backpack when her brother came bursting into her room slamming the door behind him.

"Flynn, what the hell are you doing? What if I was getting dressed?" She didn't like it when her brother just burst into her room without knocking.

"Hey, I just heard mum and dad arguing again."

"Yeah, so. They argue all the time now." Zoey said casually swinging her backpack over her shoulder.

"Yeah, I knooooow. BUT, I think this time it's serious." Flynn said. "I think I heard mum say she wants a divorce."

"What!?" Did you hear her say those exact words?'

"Um, well, it was kind of muffled."

"Well then how do you know she said that?"

"Because dad was practically begging her this time and they were talking about dad's affair again. I heard her say she doesn't love him anymore."

"Flynn! What the hell, you shouldn't be eves-dropping and to be honest I'd rather you not have told me because today while I'm at school that's the only thing I'm going to be thinking about!" Zoey yelled at him. She couldn't believe he eves dropped on their parents. Even she would never do that.

"I over heard them when I was walking to the bathroom! Geez, I'm sorry." Flynn said backing away from his younger sister who look rather annoyed now, possibly angry.

"Come on we'd better go, mum's probably in the car already." Zoey walked towards the door. "And act normal when you go out, okay."

"D,uh. What do you think I am, stupid." Flynn replied.

Sometimes, Zoey thought. Sometimes.


Game play notes:
- So it was like two days till Winter in their save so I thought why the heck not put in an ice-skating rink! lol Margo and Josh really did have lots of fun and wait till you see the outtakes in the behind the scenes post soon, haha. Poor Margo ends up embarrassing herself. :(
- And man do I love Seasons EP so much. The weather is totally unpredictable sometimes!

- And yes Margo has long hair! lol I wanted her to look really pretty for the Finale plus I thought that hair really suited her.

- I'll be posting about the changes and the direction The Drifter will be taking soon, so keep an eye out for that. But that's it for Part Five guys! Cheers to me for successfully completing another part. I wasn't sure I'd make it to end of this one but I did, so yay! :) 

somewhereoverthesimbow  – (06 May, 2014)  

Hey! Love this chapter! So glad to see Margo and Josh re-connecting :) I wonder how Connor will take Susannah leaving him? I can see him going off the rails :/ Can't wait for the next update!

Jennifer  – (06 May, 2014)  

Hi Simbow!

Yes me too! I was quite excited when shooting the scenes with Josh and Margo. I think they will always be friends but as for them actually dating, we will have to wait and see. ;)

I imagine Connor will not handle it very well. He still loves her but unfortunately Susannah just doesn't feel the same after his affair.

Thank you for reading & commenting Simbow! :)

PiB - Nicarra  – (25 May, 2014)  

It was odd seeing a grown Margo - but lovely all the same.

Poor Connor wasn't ready for Suzie's decision.

It will be interesting to see your new directions and congrats for reaching the end of this part.

Jennifer  – (25 May, 2014)  

Hi PiB!

Funny you say that because it might be the hair I chose for her. She was still a teen when I switched to their household and wanted her to have a less scruffy hair style to show she has grown up since school.

No Connor wasn't. I do feel for him and I don't like doing this to my sims but these two never really had very good chemistry from the beginning anyway.

Thanks, yeah it feels good to have completed another Part. :)
Thanks for stopping by PiB! :)

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