The Future of The Drifter

Explained below, in a major wall of text, are the changes to The Drifter and how I will continue to write my sims story. ;)

A Blog Name Change

After giving Part 5 of The Drifter a sub name I've decided to rename this blog to that name, Freedom Shores, with Greenland Bay being the neighborhood.
Yes, I will be playing in the same town I've been playing in since starting this story. Nothing changes there and I'm almost done with the makeover too. Finishing this hood to suit my story has been a long time coming and once done I'll post a tour of the lots I gave makeovers.
I won't be changing the url of this blog though, I think that would just confuse people, but the banner will read Freedom Shores.

From Chapters to Rounds

There will still be chapters per-say but they just won't be titled as chapter 1,2,3 etc. I'll be posting rounds instead! The amount of posts in each round will change depending on how many families I decide to write about. So far I've counted 18 families to start with and this includes some of the existing families already in The Drifter.

Ages vs Days

Baby ages 0-1
Toddler ages 2-4
Child ages 5-11
Teen ages 12-17
Young Adult ages 18-34
Adult ages 35-59
Elder ages 60-95

Yes, my sims will now have an age! And they will also age by two years each new round (adopted by Laura's aging system) and they will also die too. Agh! Not many of my sims ever die and I'm not sure how I feel about that just yet, but I guess I'll just have to deal with it when the time comes.
Also, I haven't put the number of days next to the elder ages because I'm just going to play that one by ear. ;) I don't have many elder sims in my game anyway, but my elder sims will still age by two years each round like every other sim.

Play Sessions

I haven't decided how long these will be. I noticed it varies with everyone, so for now I'll probably play each family for 2-3 days (in game), at least till I get the hang of this. 1 day is too short for me and 1 week is far too long. The maximum time I normally play any of my families is about 2-3 days so that's what I'll stick with for now, and before each new round begins I'll post a round schedule.


I was going play one season per round but now I'm thinking that I might get bored with that, so for now I'll include all the seasons in one round and will post probably two updates per season.
The first season will be Autumn, since that's the season it is where I live. lol That probably makes no sense to anyone but that's just how I'd like to start these changes to my story. ;)

ROS (Random Occurrence Scenarios)

Haven't decided on these just yet. Think I'll just settle in first before I start rolling any of
these, but I do look forward to rolling them! I think they will be a lot of fun!


I've noticed a lot of prosperity style blogs use mods to control the pregnancy of their sims, to space it out over the rounds, or to 'pause' it if you well. I've tried this and it doesn't really work for me so I've decided that if one of my sims is going to get pregnant I will play out their pregnancy (full 3 days) and then write it briefly into the families next update.


Haven't thought to hard about these either. But if they roll a want to go and they pass the aptitude test they will go. I'll decide on the intricacies of this later and update this post.

Current Families

These guys may or may not go on the back burner for now. I do plan to post about them later on in the first round but as mentioned above, posts about them will not be as detailed as previous chapters about them, though I'll still be continuing with some of their individual current stories.

New Families

Some of these families you have seen, some you will have not. Some will be completely new to me and some will be families that I've always wanted to play but never have due to feeling too bogged down with RL and how I currently wrote The Drifter.
Before I begin my first round I'll post a brief introduction of the town itself, of each family and the members within that family (profiles), then the first round will start! As time goes by I'll update their profiles when changes happen in any of my sims lives. So look out for all these soon! There's a few to post so I might be spamming your blogs for the next month. Sorry about that!

What? More text?

Some of the above might be subject to change and at the start I may play quite 'loosely' since I am not a real stickler for hard and fast rules.

Now some, or all of the above, has probably made your head spin, yes? No? Well when I started reading up on how to play your hood in 'rotations' my head certainly spun, for a few days, lol! But once you settle on your ages/days, how long your play sessions will be and what seasons it really isn't all that complicated. It just seems it at first. Plus, there are many awesome blogs out there that I read up on which were super helpful in making it easy to understand it all. Sullivan, Stories from Lakeside Heights, Pine Hollow & Crystal Creek, just to name a few!

This might seem like a drastic change, but I've thought long and hard about it and to make it easier for me and more fun, because I think that's what I was finding with current chapters of The Drifter, it all just seemed like a lot of work and not too much fun, and that is the last thing I want the sims to feel like to me. This game is one of my hobbies and is often a stress release for me so it's really important that it stays FUN.

I'm really looking forward to this change and I feel good about it, and I can't wait to start my first round! Remember family & sim profiles will be posted throughout this month, again, sorry if I spam your dashboards! Anyways, I hope you guys will be excited to meet the other families in Greenland Bay, I know I am! :D

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