Tour of Greenland Bay

Here is a quick tour of Greenland Bay! :)

Finally, some of you are probably saying. Well it has certainly been long awaited, that's for sure. There are still a few lots I'd like to makeover before I add shots of them but they are not far off from being finished. Later on I'll had a birds eye view of the town too. Let the tour begin!

Greenland Bay is a small town situated off the coastline of the pacific ocean and is known for it's serene and relaxed way of living.

 For it's constant green lush landscape, clean beaches, safe streets and high quality produce, in particular it's many varieties of fish & seafood.

The population is quite low compared to other coastal towns but each year it grows and the families that relocate here choose to stay for their whole sim life, in turn now allowing this small town to become known for the generations that reside here.

With plenty of parks down town and a small rural section high up on Summer Hill Court, which holds three spacious residential acreages that are yet to be purchased, and well established community lots run by the town folk, it is a perfect place to settle down with your family or for any single sim who might be looking for that fresh start. 

Greenland Bay Council welcome's you to come and experience the seaside way of life, with a touch of rural quality! 
So pull up a stool at the local cafe to relax, enjoy the seaside views and take in the refreshing breeze coming off of the ocean. You'll be surprised just how much it feels like home already!

Welcome to Greenland Bay!

Community Lots

Police Department


Central Park

Community School for the Gifted 
(co-educational, early learning to Year 12)

Oasis Pool 
(makeover by me, download available here)

Preparatory Excellence School 

Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital

Fire Department

Corporate Towers

City Hall

Always Studious Bookstore

Movie Theatre

Grocery Grab Supermarket

*Bistro (coming soon)

Seaside Day Spa

Nibbles Cafe

Fun O' Rama
(lot by wibs and the sims)

Pier & Beach
(pier by me)

Salon & Tattoo Parlor

(makeover by me, download available here)

Simlink Hwy Motel
(lot by me)

Grady's Refuse & Recycling Station (aka junkyard)

Pick a' Part Recycling Yard 
(this is directly opposite the recycling station)

 *Llama Memorial Stadium (coming soon)

 *Colonel Greens Fort Military Base (coming soon)

*Weird Science Facility (coming soon)

Pinehill Woods
(lot by me)

Consignment Shop

Anonymous –   – (14 June, 2016)  

Yay, I love Sunset Valley makeovers ! It looks really cheerful and sunny, I like it a lot :)

Jennifer  – (18 June, 2016)  

Thank you Anon! Sunset Valley is one of my favorite hoods. :)

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