Imitation of Life

Round 1 Autumn - March 2100
Baine/Oates/Conroy Family

Lillian is 25, Darcy & Miranda are 24, Trey is 26 and Matt is 25.

Narrated by Darcy Baine.

It feels like I've been trying to finish this particular sketch for ages now and I've been working on it for over a week but it's just not coming together. Trey always tells me to take a break when I'm stuck and I guess I could but I don't really have the luxury of taking breaks, this is my bread and butter and pays for my rent each week, along with everything else.

There's an art gallery in town that I sell my drawings and sketches too. They always help me out by giving me a pretty good price. I think they're understanding and sympathetic towards a young struggling artist.

When it comes to jobs Miranda and I have it pretty easy. We're not employed by anyone so we don't have to be anywhere at any certain time. In a way it's great because we have more freedom and have the time to do what we want when we want, though any spare time I spend drawing or sketching, but the downfall is we don't earn as much as Lillian.

Miranda works as a mime artist. She's great to live with because she always picks up after herself and often does majority of the chores around the house. If she's doing her washing she'll ask if anyone else needs their's done. I always say yes because washing is the only chore that tends to do my head in.

Lillian is great to live with too, don't get me wrong, the three of us get on like a house on fire but when it comes to cleaning or picking up after yourself Lillian really lacks in that department.
I guess she has an excuse because she works night shifts which means she sleeps during most of the day.

I'm the chef in our household. I think mainly because I use to cook our meals back when we lived on campus at University and somehow I just slipped back into that role when we all started renting together in Greenland Bay. I don't mind though, I actually quite enjoy it.

The meals I cook are normally vegetarian since I don't eat meat but Miranda and Lillian don't seem to mind. They've never said anything and I guess if they wanted something different they'd tell me but there's no way I'd be able to cook them a meal with meat in it that's for sure.

Sometimes it would be nice to have a man about the house to fix and repair things when they break like tonight when I was doing the dishes and the kitchen tap broke. I got really annoyed because I instantly thought of the money that would cost to fix it but then I remembered the landlord pays for those things.

It was still annoying though because the kitchen counter and floor became flooded with water. Miranda was quick to mop up the mess and while she did that I wiped over the counters and put the dinner left overs in the fridge.

She called for a repair man straight away and asked for them to come urgently. It had only been five minutes after we cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and it was already flooded again. Broken taps are the worst.

Sometimes I worry about Lillian working the hours she does, more so because she is a very attractive young woman and I think it's risky for her to be out so late by herself.

Apparently she drives around picking up and dropping off expensive antiques and relics. I don't understand why it can't be done during the day instead of late at night. At least then it would be safer and Miranda and I would actually be able to spend some time with her. Sometimes I miss the good old days we had at University.

But Lillian reassures me that she is perfectly safe and there is always a security guard around that will protect her if anything were to happen. I still worry though. Her and Miranda are like my best friends, they are both like family to me since I don't have any close family near by. I'd be so upset if anything were to happen to one of them.

Every morning without fail Miranda does an exercise routine in the lounge room. She is really disciplined about her exercise and what she eats. Sometimes if I'm up early enough I'll join her but I don't go out of my way to exercise, it just isn't for me.

Quite often while she is in the middle of her routine she receives a call from Quinn, her boyfriend. Miranda told me that he pretty much calls her every morning before he goes to work.
Out of our circle of friends I'd have to say these two are the cutest couple and I reckon they'll be the first to get married. They're so affectionate and lovey dovey all the time.

Lillian and Matt's relationship I'm not quite sure about. The times that I've seen them together Matt always acts like a little puppy around her and they seem happy so I guess that's all that matters.

Trey and I like to keep our relationship fairly private so you won't see us randomly snogging out in public.
If you don't include texting then we probably only call each other maybe once a day. Now that I think about it we definitely text each other more than we call and sometimes he'll swing by on his way home from work. A couple of times he has brought me flowers.

He rarely stays the night because I've only got a single bed but we make the most of our time together when he does come over to visit.
At the moment I'm happy with the status of our relationship. I'm not really ready to get married yet or have a baby. But who knows, maybe I'll change my mind in a few years depending on where I'm at with my career.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Gameplay notes:
- It took a few play sessions on the weekend to take the shots for this update. I think I played for three sim days in total which is what I thought I might end up doing for each update. But I was surprised how fun and easy it was to write this way. This is my first time writing in first person pov too. I like it! :)

- After I invited Trey over Darcy was rolling wishes for him left, right and center! lol The first was kiss Trey, then marry Trey, then travel with Trey and finally paint portrait of Trey. Haha, I thought the last one was funny.

- Quinn actually called Miranda voluntarily and while she was working out too.

- Darcy's LTW is persuasive private eye and I'm not sure if she'll make enough money just from drawings and sketches to get by so I figure I'll let her at least try out the private investigator career. It'll be interesting to see how she goes, she does have the persuasive trait so I guess that'll help. lol

- In reference to Lillian's job she works in the criminal career currently as a getaway driver, I couldn't think of how to cover that because the other two girls aren't aware that she actually works as a criminal. I think it's pretty fitting for her though, her disguise is how sweet and innocent she looks. ;)

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