Lot Tour - Baine/Conroy/Oates Family

First lot tour for Freedom Shores!

So this is where Darcy, Lillian and Miranda live. It's a fairly modern abode and the girls started renting just after they all finished University. A friend of a friends friend of Lillian's owns it. ;)
This lot was created by Vasilla and it's a cc free lot which I totally love because I'm a bit over cc right now--apart from a few small pieces of clutter. The lot comes partly furnished, so I've just redecorated a little, mainly the girls rooms to suit their personalities and added my own touches here and there.

Entry way. Front door is on your far-far left, actually it's almost behind you. Doors left to right, Lillian's room, bathroom, Miranda's room and Darcy's room.

Little study area which is on the right as you walk through the front door.

Dining & Kitchen.

Lounge. I really love those single bean bag type chairs. The watermelon design is so cute!

Lillian's room. Her job pays the most so she gets the biggest room in the house. lol Surprisingly though she doesn't have a lot of stuff compared to her other two housemates. Also I just realized I forgot to change the colour of the side tables. :|

Bathroom, which I haven't changed since downloading this lot. I think it looks pretty good the way it is. One less room to redecorate the better I say.

Miranda's room. Can you tell she likes red? Totally random, her and Quinn's relationship is quite intense.

Last but not least, Darcy's room. She's the artistic one in the house and drew the shortest straw against Miranda so she ended up with this little cupboard of a room.

The lot came with a decent sized decking area so I added a BBQ and some lounging chairs. There's a sliding door in the dining/kitchen area which leads you out here (on the right, directly opposite the lounge chairs).

Floor plan

I hope to have this families update ready to post by the weekend. Also, I've changed how you can leave comments from popup box to embedded. Reason being is I was browsing through (as you do on your own blog, lol) and I clicked on a post, scrolled down and noticed the link to 'post a comment' wasn't working.
I could only post a comment via the post footer link and to do this I had to scroll through four pages of my blog till I found this specific post! Gah, annoying! Anyway, I dunno if it was Blogger being weird or what, but it's changed now and yeah, that was the reason. lol 

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