Bright Side of the Road

Round 1 Autumn, May 2100

Christopher is 28 and Victoria Andrews is 35.

Narrated by Christopher Steel.

It's midnight and almost everything is unpacked. There's still a few boxes left, probably full of my clothes, I can't really remember since I didn't write on the boxes after I packed them. After scoffing down three slices of pizza, almost a whole beer I slumped down on the couch to watch some of the box for a while.

My first night in a new town and I must admit I'm quite excited about it. I've always wanted to live by the sea, you know on one of those picturesque seaside towns where everybody knows everybody.

Saying good bye to my old town was easier than I thought. I didn't have much to keep me there anyway and I sold off a heap of my stuff beforehand so that I had enough funds to pay for rent and live for at least one or two months, at least till I find a job.

The house is small with only two bedrooms but it's big enough for one person. It was advertised as a furnished rental which I thought was a bonus considering I'd already sold a heap of my stuff. It was also the cheapest I could find.

An ad break came on so I took the opportunity to take a quick leak but only to come back to find the TV with smoke and sparks coming out of the top of it. I couldn't believe it, I was gone less than a minute!
My first night and something is already broken, I really hope nothing else breaks anytime soon.

With no TV I decided to hit the pillow for the night but I couldn't seem to sleep. I lay there for about fifteen minutes staring up at the white ceiling before getting up again. I guess I was still buzzed from the move or maybe it was the beer I finished off.

I moved a few of the boxes that were still to be unpacked into the spare room and pulled my laptop out of one of them and surfed the net till I got tired. It seemed do the trick.

One of my neighbors who lives directly opposite me came over and brought along a welcoming gift. It was a freshly backed Key Lime pie, I was stoked! My favorite, I absolutely love pie!

She introduced herself as Victoria. What are the chances of having such a hot neighbor living directly across from me, it's luck I tell you. Pure luck. She also offered to show me around town once I'd settled in.

But I wanted to take a tour of my new town by myself first so I took a walk to the plaza. It was a longer walk than expected and I'm glad I wore something warmer than just my hoodie. With that chill in the air you could tell that Winter was definitely just around the corner.

I stopped in at the grocery store to get a couple of supplies and I also bought a lotto ticket. You never know your chances and you've got to be in it to win it I say!
As I was exiting the store I received a text from my mother asking for me to call her and hoping that I was settling in okay. Before I left I didn't get a chance to say a proper goodbye which I now feel really guilty about. I'll have to make sure I call her more often now that I live further away.

I took Victoria up on her offer to show me around town a bit more. We stopped at central park and chatted for a bit on one of the park benches. She told me she worked as a freelance writer and had lived in this town since she was a little girl. I noticed that she was wearing a wedding ring but she was yet to mention anything about her husband.

We stopped over at the library, she said she comes here a lot to read and I immediately wondered if it was to get away from her husband, since she still hadn't mentioned him.

I found some great books on fishing, that's one of my hobbies. Hopefully there are some great fishing locations in this town. Victoria said there were and that she'd point them out on our way back.

Next stop was Fun O' Rama. She shouted me a coffee which I thought was pretty decent. I did offer to pay but she insisted and suddenly the tour she was giving me started to feel like a date which didn't bother me too much but I was still wondering why she hadn't mentioned her husband at all.

There was a skating rink at the venue so we had a quick skate after we finished our coffee's. Victoria was really good at skating and I couldn't help noticing her lovely long legs as she skated round the rink. The white boots were a real contrast to her dark skin. She was definitely an attractive woman for her age.

I could already tell she a great sense of fun and adventure about her and every time she smiled or laughed it felt like my heart skipped a beat. It was hard to turn away from those pretty brown eyes.

I don't normally fall for someone so quickly but she has just been so welcoming and friendly towards me. I was definitely beginning to feel something for her though I tired not to show it too much. You know since she still hadn't spoken about her husband.
We skated for a few more minutes, spinning in the middle of the rink and she took my hands, which surprised me, but I figured it was because she thought she was going to fall.

Thanks to Victoria I'd discovered a neat little fishing spot high up on Pinnacle Point, so I got up early one morning before the sun had even risen and drove up to try my luck at my all time favorite thing to do.

It was a perfect spot. A bit of a drive from town, you wouldn't be able to walk there. It had a stunning waterfall and before I even cast my line out I could see plenty of fish in the water. I even saw a deer run out from behind the bushes and walk over to the water for a quick drink.

I didn't expect to catch anything big or even anything at all but I managed to snag a rainbow trout. At a guess I think it weighed up to about 1.24kg. Not bad for my first catch! I guess it'll be fish for dinner for the next few nights. Maybe I might invite Victoria over for dinner as a thank you for showing me around town.


Gameplay Notes
- So I'd taken the first few shots before I decided to upload Christopher's lot for download, what I mean is the couch colour is different. lol Annoying when things happen like that but maybe nobody noticed that little detail. ;)

- Christopher has the angler trait so he registered as self employed at city hall. Don't know how that will work out but in lieu of finding another job that suits him, this will have to do for now. He hasn't rolled any job wants, only wants to go fishing. lol

- Next update are the Andrews, so we'll find out why Victoria didn't mention her husband at all. ;)

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