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This is where Christopher Steel resides and this lot is an existing EA lot in Sunset Valley that I gave a makeover. It's located at 373 Skyborough Blvd and is called the Garden Cottage. It is a small house, only two bedrooms, one bathroom but it's built on a sizable lot, which means plenty of backyard space!
Also, because this lot isn't filled with tonnes of clutter I decided to make it available for download, which also means it is a CC free lot. :)

Let's take a tour shall we...

Before shot. Only changed the structure at the front of the house slightly and those walls at the front certainly make for an interesting roof design. lol



Lounge. There is a fireplace to the left which I couldn't quite fit into this shot. I tired but it ended up looking warped, you know when you use the shortcut keys for the in game camera and it sometimes gets all stretched, anyway I left it out, but there is definitely a fireplace there!

Kitchen and meals, and sliding door leads to back patio and sizable backyard.

Main bedroom with closet, and a couple of rare poppies that Christopher picked while in town and I decided to leave them in the house. lol

Spare room.

 Bathroom comes with just the basics.

Back patio and backyard with a small outdoor laundry room. And yeah, the terrarium with the snake comes with the house too.

Lot view/floor plan.

Lot Size - 30 x 40
Lot Type- Residential

Hope you enjoy if you do download it. Now I'm not sure if the whole 'please do not re-upload and claim as your own' thing is relevant since it's an EA home, but I've said it anyway. ;) My game is patched to 1.63 and I have all EP up to ITF so yeah this lot might contain some EP items, but as mentioned at the start of the post it is a CC free lot.

This family's update is half done and I think I'll definitely get it posted by the weekend if I can keep my focus. The past couple of weeks I've been getting distracted by games on my mobile phone of all things and I've been sleeping a lot too. Hey, it's winter and it's cold, bed is the best place to keep warm right now! 

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