Big Girls Don't Cry

Round 1 Winter, July 2100
Keaton Family

Justine is 29, Mark is 32 and Ashley is 1.

Narrated by Mark Keaton.

On July the 3rd little Ashley Keaton came into the world. She weighed 7.5 pounds and from the moment I set eyes on her I fell in love.
It's hard to explain the joy I felt when the nurse handed her over to Justine in the hospital bed and we both looked into our daughters eye's for the very first time.

Even now that we are home, I still can't believe I have a daughter. Sometimes I hold her up just to look at her, I think she is the most precious thing in the world.

She seems to know that I'm her daddy too. Well at least someone that cares for her. Sometimes when I play with her, giving her kisses on her tiny nose, she touches her hand on my face.

At night after I get home from work I go straight into Ashley's room to say hello to her. I check her diaper in case it needs changing, I feed her a bottle of warm milk and then hold her in my arms while I rock gently in the rocking chair we've got set up in a corner of her room. It's best way to end a busy working day.

My wife Justine, is a force of nature. She is the strongest and most courageous woman I know. We've been married 3 years now and there is no other women I'd rather spend the rest of my life with. We're both quite similar in ways and we have common interests too, I think we're like two peas in a pod.

Sometimes she can also be a bit of a workaholic, but it's only because she really loves her job and is very passionate about it. She works as a patrol officer for the Greenland Bay Police Department.

I try to surprise her with things, sometimes it's flowers, sometimes it's chocolates but most of the time it's flowers because there's a flower shop I pass on the way home from work and they always have the most amazing looking flowers. Sometimes they don't even look real!

Before we all settle down for the night I always check the fireplace and any appliances in the house. Even the taps. I can't sleep unless I've checked everything, you never know what could happen while you're family is sleeping. A fire, a flooding, it could be a disaster.
When we first moved in I installed fire alarms in every room. This side of town has a low fire hazard rating but I still think it's better to be safe than sorry.

Justine is normally in bed asleep before for me, I guess she gets really tired from looking after Ashley during the day. I never thought looking after a baby would be such full time work but I guess it is.

It started snowing the other night, I couldn't believe it. Finally some snow! It's been years since we've had a white winter here.

Turns out Justine is never really asleep either, she called me away from the window one night asking me to hurry up and come to bed.

The only thing with it snowing and being so cold is that there's not a lot to do outside. My days off are during the week instead of on the weekends.
Justine seems to be able to keep herself busy and normally I'd tune up my motorbike but it has been so cold outside of late that spending anytime out there is really not all that appealing.

Though I did finally hang our holiday lights! Almost every other house had already put theirs up so I thought it was about time we hung ours too. I think I did a pretty good job and it definitely looks and feels more festive now.

I ride my Chopper Cruiser to and from work now since Justine needs the car for the baby. Before she went on maternity leave she used to drive a patrol car to and from work.
I'll admit it's a bit cold now to ride my the Chopper to work plus I don't have any wet weather gear to keep myself dry. I should probably invest in some soon, especially since it's already snowing.

Ashley had her first birthday! We threw a small party for her and Justine baked a great birthday cake. Unfortunately I had to rush off afterwards to a give a sports seminar for work at City Hall.

I can't believe how fast my little girl is growing up. She is very active now and is always on the run. I guess she takes after us since we're so active ourselves. My mother once told me I was never able to sit still as a child. Guess that's why I chose to work in the professional sports career.

Justine has been teaching Ashley to walk and apparently she mastered it with her first step. I felt so proud but disappointed that I'd missed it.

I ended up with the dirty daddy duties. Potty training took a little more effort for her and patience from me but we got there in the end.

After we put Ashley down for a nap one afternoon Justine managed to convince me to come outside with her. We built a hockey-snowman together, it was actually pretty fun! We used some of my old hockey gear from my school days to make our snowman look a bit more realistic.

Just recently I've heard Justine get up in the middle of the night. I'd normally sleep through pretty much anything but whenever she stir's I always stir as well. It's also happened quite a few times now and I'm starting to get a little worried.

I stay awake listening to her wander around the house, I was actually afraid she might be sleep walking. But I heard her check on Ashley and then rock in the rocking chair for a while, after that I actually fell asleep so I'm not sure what else she got up to.

One morning I asked her about it. She said she sleeps till about 2.30 am and then feels wide awake so she gets up, checks on Ashley and often makes a cup of tea to help her get back to sleep.

She told me she has been feeling really restless lately and I couldn't help but think it had something to do with her not working. I guess having Ashley and being on maternity leave has been a major change for her.

She told me that she is fine and that I shouldn't worry because it's only sleep related and not that she is unhappy, because she isn't. She reassured me of that.
We trust each other so if she said she is okay then I believe her but I think I'll keep an eye on her anyway.


Gameplay Notes:
-Don't ask about the title. lol This update was all about Mark's girls so that's what I went with. ;) It's a song by Fergie, and yes I'm choosing titles of songs to name my updates. I'm finding it quite fun to be honest!

-Justine is probably the most active sim of the house. I played this family long enough to so I could age up little Ashley. But Justine is always walking around cleaning, tidying, it's a bit crazy really and Mark, well, all he wants to do is work out! lol And check the fireplace and taps, haha. I think it's funny that sims do that, I switch all the power points off myself before going to bed! lol

-Also I seemed to have skipped a month, June. Oops! Not too worry. lol I had the Andrews' update as July when it should have been June. Mistakes in my first round were always bound to happen.

-This month will be a bit slower for updates due to work and somehow I've just been a bit busier that usual. Not sure how though, because I don't even know what I've been busy doing. lol Anyways, I'm pretty happy with how things are travelling since the new changes to my story blog.

-One last thing, I've been a bit slow to update my sims profiles as well but I'm going to try to get into the habit of updating them before I publish my next update. It's a bit OCD but I don't like doing things out of order. ;)

Thanks for reading!

Mao  – (19 August, 2014)  

Hello! I've been spending some time getting caught up with your blog, I found the link from a comment you left at Carla's (Sullivan Sims) blog. :)) I'm always thrilled when I run across TS3 blogs.

Your world is so pretty and vibrant! I really love the house tours especially. I'm terrible at building/etc, so it's always fun to get a peek at those who are good at it. Definitely gives me some ideas and ways to improve.

It's also fun getting to know your sim families. You've got quite the mix and some familiar faces from other places peppered in there. Definitely excited to see what you've got in store for them!

I think the saddest thing is I saw the title and immediately thought of the old, old song... not Fergie's version. D'oh.

Jennifer  – (21 August, 2014)  

Thanks Mao! :)

Every now and then I like to build something from scratch, sometimes it'll turn out alright and then sometimes not. lol I've learned to start off small, it's always easier to add another room than to take one away. Plus, I find smaller rooms easier to decorate/clutter.
I do love giving existing EA homes a makeover though!

I guess I do have quite a mix of families. It took me a while to decide on which SV families I wanted to add to my sim story. I'm pretty happy with them all though and I think as the rounds progress it will get a little more interesting, welI I hope anyway! ;)

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