Round 1 Spring, November 2100
McIrish/French family

Fiona is 42, River is 18, Molly is 41 and Sue is 4.

Narrated by River McIrish.

This is my last year of high school and I can't wait to get out and experience the real world! I've been looking for a part time job but haven't really found anything that takes my fancy. Mum said I shouldn't be too picky especially since I don't really know what I want to do once I finish school. Not many of the kids do, even my best friend Peter doesn't.

Peter Langerak and I have been friends since elementary school, so for pretty much ages! We even have this special handshake which we just made up one day. It's a bit silly and it makes me laugh every time we shake. Normally we only do it if one of says something really cool or funny but lately he's been wanting to shake more than usual. Sometimes I think it's just so he can hold my hand.

We hang out a lot together. Sometimes at his house, sometimes at mine. Mum brought a ping-pong table at Christmas time, she said it's for everyone to use. Whenever Peter comes over we usually have a a game or two, neither of us are very good but we have fun all the same.

One afternoon it was getting late and we were out talking by the side of the house, the sun was beginning to set and cast a pinkish haze over everything, and we shared our first kiss that afternoon. It was wet but fun! Peter had to run off pretty quickly afterwards because it was getting close to curfew.

That night I was quiet over dinner. Peter kissing me that afternoon surprised me and suddenly I had a lot of questions running through my mind. Does this mean we are dating now? Is he going to ask me to go steady with him or should I? Did he like kissing me? And if not, does he still want to be my friend and hang out with me?

I tried not to think about it too much so I started cleaning up the kitchen & dinner dishes. I don't know what I'd do if Peter didn't still want to be friends. Some of the other boys in town are such doofuses. He is like the only boy I can have fun with and be myself with. I think he is a really cool boy!

I had an early shower and then chilled in my room the rest of the night. Tried to finish reading one the novels we have to read for school but all I could think about was Peter kissing me.
Mum came in asking me if I was okay, I said I was just tired. She asked me if Peter and I had a fight, I told we didn't and that we were cool but I don't think she believed me.

Before she left my room she said, 'Well you know if anything is bothering you sweetheart I'm always here if you want to talk'. I'll most likely end up telling her about my kiss with Peter but not before I talk to him about what happened. Soon after I heard the opening theme play to Mum and Molly's favorite TV show which they watch every night together.

Molly and my mum have been friends for a long time. I've known her since I was little and it's been fun since they moved in with us. I guess mum can relate to Molly's situation, you know, having your husband run out on you and then becoming a single working mother, that's why she let them move in.

I get along pretty well with Molly and it is fun having Sue around. She is pretty adorable and seems easy to please. She isn't one of those toddlers you see in the supermarket throwing tantrums. Oh man, I don't think mum would be able to handle that, or me for that matter!

Having them here is a bit like having two sister's, which is great because before they moved in I'd always wondered what it would be like to have a brother or sister and now I feel like I have two!
Molly works a lot so I try to help out a little with looking after Sue and keeping her entertained. Though Sue is always so happy to see Molly when she is finally home.

Sometimes she works really late and when she finally gets home she must have trouble sleeping because the other night I heard the trampoline springs squeaking and I looked out my bedroom window to see Molly in her night gown and slippers jumping on the trampoline.

Did I mention Mum works as an investigative reporter? Well she does and I think it's pretty cool. She's also pretty handy around the house too. I've decided my mum is like the jack-of-all-trades but in a female version. She can pretty much fix anything. She even fixed and upgraded our doorbell!

She is pretty cluey. I think she might have some sort of sixth sense thing going on. She always knows something is up or if something doesn't seem right. I can be pretty nosy and sometimes I ask her questions about the cases she is working on but she never gives anything away, much to my disappointment.

I've noticed mum chatting longer than usual to the mailman lately. I guess she misses having a man around the house. I don't really think about dad because I've never met him and I don't really know any different from it being just mum and I, but I can't say that I haven't thought about what it would be like to have a father.

Though I'm not sure I'd want the mailman as a step father! I don't think there is anything going on between them only because he is always running off after they say a few words. Maybe he's running late or something, or maybe he's embarrassed because my mum is so pretty. I don't really know but why are boys always running off? Seriously. Boys.


Game play notes:
- Not a lot of game play notes for this update due to my unexpected six month long break. My apologies, I would have posted an update to explain why I wasn't posting but the life changes I was going through I felt were a bit personal to share at the time. I basically went through a break up with my boyfriend (who I'd been with for 12 years), quit my job and lost my mind a little bit. I'd lost my way in life and had to get back on track. I didn't think it would take six months but you can't really put a time frame on something like that.
Anyways, I'm back now and feeling better than ever and if you follow me on tumblr you will already know this, but if you don't then now you do. :)
I'll be catching up real soon on some of my favorite blogs, omg, I have really missed this place! Blogging, simming, writing, posting updates, reading my favorite sim stories! Agh, soooo much to catch up on!

Only a couple of brief notes on the game play of this update...

-River rolled a want to get an A in school, she is currently on a C, she rolled a want to go to University and also rolled LTW to be a Perfect Student.
I'm not sure yet how I'm going to do the University updates but with those wants how could I not let her to go to Uni! Plus I haven't played a Uni save in so long and I've suddenly got an itch to. ;)

-Sue learned to walk, as you can see from the screenshot with Molly. I love these little toddler milestones, they are so cute.

-Also I didn't mean for Peter & River's update to be back to back or for both opening pictures to be the same. Argh, first time that's happened. :/ And title song is Riptide by Vance Joy.

-Next makeover & update I'm excited about because it is a young adult couple from The Drifter days, Madison & Davey! I've already renovated their lot, just gotta take some shots so should have that up this week hopefully and then I'll start their update.

Thanks for reading!

Carla  – (01 August, 2015)  

Fun to read about River and Peter - teens are so fun in the game! It should be really interesting to see if River and Peter's kiss develops into anything further. A friendship can be a great foundation for something more serious. :)

Glad to see you back! Sorry you've been through such upheaval but hopefully you're on more of an even keel now.

Jennifer  – (09 August, 2015)  

Thanks Carla. :)
Teens are definitely fun, they can get up to all sorts of mischief! These two get along really well and although it's only early days I'm still looking forward to seeing where it goes.

It's great to be back and thank you. :) It quiet a tough time but I'm definitely in a better place now and feeling myself again. Feeling much happier! :D

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