Lot Tour - Edwards/Hamilton Family

This is Davey & Madison's little young adult love nest! :)
Originally Davey's home after he moved out of his mum's house, like most teenagers when they age up into young adults he too felt the need for his own space and privacy. He worked for a long time and saved up enough cash for a deposit. It sold for a bargain because it was so run down but Davey wasn't too fussed about the state it was in, he was just happy to get a place of his own!

It's located at 303 Skyborough Blvd in Greenland Bay. I think this lot is an existing EA lot, but for the life of me I cannot remember. I'm certainly not claiming it as my own but I really like it, a lot! I think it has a lot of character and I pictured Davey living in it the moment I saw it.

Front door and entry. The two doors open to, the only bathroom, on the left, and a small spare room on the right which I turned into a laundry because it's a bit small to be a bedroom.

Bathroom. It's got the necessities and a few extra's. ;)

And the laundry. See, it's pretty small isn't it. Anyways, these two sims together are unpredictable and it's a bit early in their relationship to be having kids, but hey, you never know! So IF they do then this is the other use I imagine this room to be used as, a nursery.

Living room. The archway leads into the their bedroom. You'll probably notice that there are no curtains, well Davey & Madison aren't really the shy type. I'm sure once winter hits Madison will be complaining about the cold though and that's when they'll most likely get some some curtains installed.

Kitchen. I tried to give it an industrial feel, think I succeed. It's probably a bit grey and sterile but I like it. :)

And small dining area. Davey & Madison aren't one for eating at the table much, they're more the type to plonk down in front of the TV and eat on the couch together watching their favorite TV show.

Bedroom. Which is quite a big room and is technically the garage. lol I elevated their bed to fill up the room a bit, I like the idea of an elevated sleeping area.

See it really is the garage! lol Madison of course had her say as well in some of the decoration. She isn't overly girly with things anyway, more of a tomboy. I think that's why her and Davey get along so well together, most of the time. But they don't have a lot of stuff anyway, most of it is Davey's and well Madison left most of her belongs at her parents house. She is slowly bring a few things over though.

The door on the right leads you out to the backyard.

Oh what a site to see, lol! I actually quite like the backyard and didn't change it much at all. Moved the tyres so they were on the inside of the fence and moved the dumpster to a different spot. I added the outside blind thingy's (forgotten what they are actually called) for an extra dash of grungy-warehouse look.

Original picnic table, I just added a few more dead weeds & other foliage to the mix.

Floor plans, downstairs and upstairs. Again, it's quite a big lot, there is a lot of space but for what they'll use it for I guess we'll have to find out next round. ;) Their update is up next and really excited to write for this couple who are original characters from when this blog was called The Drifter. Hopefully in the next two weeks I'll have their update done & polished for you.

Thanks for looking!

Carla  – (12 August, 2015)  

It looks fantastic! The whole place has a really cool industrial look to me, which I love. The house looks vaguely familiar to me. I think I remember playing it and it had an EA sim living there - he had dark skin and cornrows in his hair. Not sure what hood that was in but it was fairly early on, possibly even just base game. Maybe a Riverview house?

Anyway, Davey and Madison are lucky to have such an awesome love nest!

Jennifer  – (22 August, 2015)  

Thanks Carla! That's exactly the look I was aiming for. :) It was hard because I use hardly any CC in my story save so I always find I have to be a little extra creative with things.

Yes I think you might be on the money there with the EA sim living there having cornrows. lol I remember someone like that.

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