Round 1 Summer, December 2100
Edwards/Hamilton family

Davey is 23 and Madison is 22.

Narrated by Madison Hamilton.

Things between Davey and I have been going really smoothly lately. What I mean by smoothly is we haven't been arguing as often as we normally do. I'm not sure if it was the last major fight we had, which resulted in us not speaking or seeing each other for two whole weeks or if we've matured since leaving school. It's think it's a bit of both.

We still have our small arguments, though I probably wouldn't call them arguments as such. It's more like we tease each other and we now know when to stop before either one of us gets to that point of it becoming an argument. Davey normally let's off steam by working out and I like to go shopping.

He left his job at the junk yard finally, which I must say I'm so glad about because it was hardly a nice place to work or a good job working with all that rubbish and god knows what else. Yuck! He used to come home stinking of absolute grossness but now he just stinks of body odour from working out too much, which I can put up with.

I'm no longer working as a receptionist at the Greenland Bay Day Spa, now I'm working as a spa specialist which I'm quiet excited about. Finally no more booking appointments, answering the phone or till tallying. I was getting bored of all that and was always more interested in performing the actual treatments the clients get.

Only thing I don't like about the job is the uniform we have to wear. It's totally not my style at all and as soon as I get home I can't wait to change out of it and put on my own clothes. The hours are great too, 2pm till 6pm which means I still get to sleep in in the morning.

Davey starts his new job in the Military in a couple of days which means early mornings for him. I don't envy him! I think he's really looking forward to starting though. I'll miss him as we'll only see each other at night now because he finishes work the same time I start.  

At least he'll still be home to cook dinner for us since he finishes at 6pm. We do try to share the cooking but agh, I really dislike cooking! And Davey is a much better cook than me. Always adding spices or herbs, he's got a real knack for it and I think he actually enjoys it too.

Davey eats so much lately, always going back for seconds. I think it's all the working out he's doing for his new job, apparently you have to be really fit to make it in the military. The most I work out is washing the dishes or walking to the letter box to check the mail.

We're really enjoying living together and I have to admit I had some doubts it might not work, you know because we'd be in each other's faces so much and always be arguing but things are really good now.
I do really like the fact that now I don't have to drive anywhere to see Davey. If I want to be close to him then I know I can because he will be in the next room or in the backyard-most likely working out.

Our relationship was certainly getting to a point where we wanted to be with each other all the time so naturally the next step was definitely living together. When we're together we generally can't keep our hands off of each other.

In private we're very affectionate and Davey can be pretty romantic when he wants to be. Even when we were together in our teens he never forgot Valentine's Day. He's not one to show his emotions, only to people he is really close with and at the moment I think that's just me and his mother.

We have such an amazing connection in bed too. We're both aware of what each other likes and dislikes, very in-tune with the other I guess you could say! From the first time we slept together we were like this, I guess we just both really understand each other.

I think we're quite lucky to have that connection because I don't think many couples have that. I mean we have been together for over five years now so if we don't know each other by now then we'll never know each other.

On weekends we often eat out at the Nibbles Cafe. We've been coming here since we were in high school. I used to come here all the time with my best friends Claire and Natasha but a lot has changed since high school. Claire passed away in a car accident and Natasha lives at University now. I catch up with Tash once a fortnight but I do really miss the good old days when we could just hang out and chill here. It's so crazy how quickly things change!

One weekend Davey said he was taking me out on a date. So we went to our usual cafe for lunch, which I thought was nothing out of the ordinary but good on him for trying, and then after we ate he told me he had a surprise for me. I was intrigued, who doesn't love a surprise, as long as it's a good one!

He drives us up to the Sim Files Forest located on at the top of the mountain in Greenland Bay. As teens we used to come here to make out so it's quite a memorable location for us and our friends. We once saw a meteroite crash down here, it was pretty awesome.

He then kneels down on one knee and I didn't know what to expect. Was he proposing? Oh my gawd he totally was! My heart immediately started racing with excitement.

He opened up the little blue box he was holding, well it wasn't that little it was quite big really which could only mean there was a big diamond ring in there! And there was! It was so  big and shiny and oh my gawd, it was the biggest diamond I could have ever imagined. Then he asked me to marry him!

It was so perfect and of course I said yes! I was super excited for him to finally put the ring on my finger. It was absolutely stunning and aside from speaking the words yes I was totally speechless which is a rare for me.

It wasn't until we embraced that I realized I was getting wet because it was actually raining. I hadn't even noticed. Normally I hate the rain and getting wet. After a long embrace we rain to his car and made out for a very long time. I couldn't have imagined Davey asking me to marry him any other way. It was definitely a surprise. Wow, I can't believe we'll be getting married soon!


Game play notes:
-It has been too long since my last proper update, agh, sorry guys!
So Davey & Madison are the first YA couple I've added to my hood since changing this blog from The Drifter to Freedom Shores. Very excited to start adding the other Drifter couples & families to the next round. I feel like I'm getting to know them all over again! :) It's a bit nostalgic too because I'm going back through reading some of my earlier chapters and will be adding links to them in the next updates, as I did in this one.

-I had some trouble with my skins, they weren't working so I'm hoping Madison & Davey don't look too different from the earlier (Drifter) chapters. Plus, I had to tweak them both which annoys me to no end. lol My sims always change when I install them & add them to a new save.

-It was fun writing from Madison's POV. I couldn't decide between the too but I'm not yet sure of Davey's 'voice' if you know what I mean so that's why I went with Madison. She can be real live firecracker sometimes with the traits she has. lol Though I think she's settled down since her teen years.

-I've got a soft spot for Davey because he has had a pretty tough life compared to his friends & Madison. There's two were always going to get married but it was just a matter of when. Kids for these two are not out of the question but it's still a bit early yet, these two really enjoy each other's company to much right now. ;)

-The wedding will be next round but not yet sure which month. Fun times ahead though! It'll be my first wedding since my founders of this blog got married, Will & Eliza. Man that was so long ago and I can't believe I've only done one wedding in the six years of writing this blog. I think that's really sad! lol

-Next update will be a birthday's update, I think. Title song is Magic by Coldplay, love that album.

Thanks for reading & have a great weekend!

Carla  – (15 November, 2015)  

I'm glad to see you updating here again - I was hoping you hadn't abandoned this blog!

Anyway, yay! I really liked reading about Davey and Madison sliding so smoothly into co-habitation and now actually being engaged. It seems like they've learned a lot and are ready for a more mature step now. Can't wait to see the wedding!

Jennifer  – (19 November, 2015)  

Thanks Carla, I'm happy to be updating again too! :) RL got busy for a while there, lots of good things kept me occupied though. ;)

These two have definitely grown up and learned a lot from each other and the experiences they had when they were teens. I'm really happy for them, lol!
After I finished The Drifter I wasn't sure what would become of all my main characters/sims and I thought these two might not have a future together but clearly they are still perfect for each other and were meant to be together. :)

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