Electric Feel

Round 2 Summer, January 2101
Seymour/Frio Family

Charlotte Seymour and Zoey Frio are both 20.

Narrated by Charlotte Seymour.

After working all week both Zoey and I get pretty excited once the weekend hits. We both work the same hours during the week, 3pm till 7pm. We're both only working part-time and at the moment I think that's enough, well for me anyway, I know I'm not ready to go full time just yet.

We normally catch a movie at the theater in town but they recently put their prices up to $30 each! Personally I think that's really expensive and we probably won't go as often now. Both Zoey and I try to watch our spending's now we're not living at home anymore and we don't have our parents to rely on, but we also like to have fun too. It's a real balancing act!

Most nights we just chill at home and watch our favorite TV shows, Simvivor and The Simblertte. We're pretty hooked on these and don't miss an episode of either. We watch it on my dad's old TV he gave me when I moved out. It was sitting in the garage at home just gathering dust. I was stoked when he said I could have it. You don't realize how much stuff you need until you move out and a TV is one of many things both Zoey and I forgot about.

At the end of each episode we have discussions on who is going to win and who will get voted out. It's pretty funny really because we always both have different ideas of who might win or be voted out. We hardly ever agree on the same contestant. I'm glad we still get along even though our opinions differ most of the time.

Zoey is an anchovies on your pizza kinda girl and I am not. Zoey always insists on ringing up and placing the order too, she can be a bit bossy like that but it doesn't bother me too much. I know she just wants to make sure her half of the pizza has anchovies which I often forget about.

During the week we eat pretty healthy but one night on the weekend we always get a pizza though we might only do that every second weekend now because even Pizza's have gone up in price. It's like as soon as we moved out everything went up in price!
Living on your own is really expensive and we're lucky that we both have a small amount of savings in our bank accounts thanks to our parents. Neither of our parents wanted us to move out with no money, even though we're working part-time, they call this money 'emergency money'. I haven't touched mine yet but I know Zoey has dipped into hers already.

We've got a nice little balcony out the back with a few chairs and sometimes I escape there to read in peace and quiet. There's a nice view of a park which our fence backs onto. I find this spot especially nice in the Summer months too because the weather is warmer and because we have a few extra hours of day light thanks to day light savings.

Books for me is what painting is for Zoey. We both studied Art in high school and got pretty good marks but Zoey is a real natural at painting. I prefer drawing though, with painting there is so much mess.

For me there is nothing like getting lost in a book. I have so many favorites and I've got a decent sized book shelf in my room. More often than not though I can't escape Zoey for long, she eventually finds me reading out here.
Since living with Zoey I've discovered she can be quite restless and she needs to be doing something all the time where as I'm a bit more relaxed and just happy to read my book or chill on my laptop for a couple of hours.

I usually give in to her pleading to go out and do something and we end up going to the Bowl O' Rama which is a short drive from where we live. It's a pretty fun place to hang out. They have an inside skating rink and when ever we're there we normally have a skate around. Zoey's really good at skating she can skate backwards and do some spins but not me I like to keep it safe. Put me on the back of a horse any day but put me on skates and it's like I forget how to balance all together.

We have a game or two at bowls as well. I'm quite good at bowling, better than Zoey. Not sure what it is but there's something satisfying about throwing that heavy bowling ball down the lane at the waiting pins and then watching it smash through them. Sometimes I can get a bit carried away especially if I get a strike. Zoey doesn't like to bowl for very long if she's not winning.

I love Zoey to bits because 1. she is my cousin and 2. my best friend but one of the things that I've found most annoying about living with her is she doesn't clean up after herself. In terms of putting food away & the dishes. I guess we haven't really assigned chores to either of us, just whoever is around tends to end up doing it and usually that's me because Zoey wanders off to do something somewhere else in the house.

I can't complain too much since she did help me tend to the little veggie patch we have down the side of the house. We have peppers, tomatoes, onions and basil, oh and a couple of apples trees. I'm wrapt about the apple trees because I love apples.

While I tended to the plants on the ground Zoey picked a few apples from the apple trees but she soon started to complain her arms were getting tired and said she just remembered the washing machine had finished a load. I guess manual labor isn't for everyone but she did come out with the so called load of washing she was talking about and hung it on the line.

She can also be quite impulsive sometimes which I'm not sure is a good thing. She told me one morning after breakfast that she'd adopted a cat from the local shelter and he was being delivered that very morning.

I was shocked and a little annoyed that she didn't discussed it with me first. After all there are two people living here and I don't want to end up looking after the cat if she doesn't. She pleaded with me it would be fine and that we were saving a sweet little cat's life. She also said that she would be responsible for looking after it.

So that day we met the new addition to our household, PDiddy. Zoey gave him the name since she's into Puff Daddy's music at the moment. I'm not quite sure the name suits him just yet, but we'll see. He looks a bit like a tiger and he seems quite sweet. I'll probably leave my bedroom door closed now though as the thought of him sleeping on my bed is not appealing at all.

At night I chat to one of my friends on the internet. His name is Reece Hamilton. He's my brother's best friend and I've had a crush on him since like forever. He's the sweetest guy and he lost his girlfriend a while ago in a car accident which was really sad and then he moved back home to live with his parents again. He doesn't get out much anymore, I guess that's why we chat over the net but I don't mind, it's fun and I'm just happy to be able to chat with him.
I had a thought the other day that I might ask him if he wants to come to the stables I ride at. Now that I'm working part time I don't get to go horse-riding as often as I used to and lately I have a real hankering to go down there. I really do miss mucking about with the horses, they're such beautiful animals.

I'm still getting used to living in a house with only two sims, and now one cat. At night it can feel a bit strange. It's so quiet here and I don't hear the usual noises I'm used to when I was living at home, like the sound of my dad walking down the hallway and how he would open my bedroom door a crack to check on all us kids.
I used to share a room with my little sister Pippa but now she has probably moved up into my old room which used to be my older brothers before me. I miss the triplets too, it was fun having little sisters around. I try to visit them as much as I can and sometimes I stop by before I start work but now that I've moved out of home it's harder to catch up with my family and friends.

Game play notes:
-So I didn't get this update out before Christmas like I planned. Man this time of the year is so hectic! It's not my kind of thing at all. :|
Anyways, these girls were fun to play and oh man I have missed playing these two so much. This update could have been a lot longer but I'm trying to limit myself with how many shots I take per update. I have a feeling the screenshots folder for Round 2 is going to end up being massive because this round consists of the sims/characters from The Drifter days and I just know I'll be taking extra shots all the time.

-Zoey and Charlotte do get a long really well, just like sisters. :) Charlotte comes from a big family (5 siblings) and Zoey doesn't (1 brother) so I tried to touch on that. I think their personalities reflect that anyway. But there is so much I couldn't fit into this update like maybe a trip to the stables with Charlotte and Reece. Guess I'll leave that for the next update now.

-I'm starting to think I might have to rethink how I plan these updates for Round 2. Thinking about thinking, oh geez that makes no sense, lol! I just feel like I might end up leaving out info that should be in there but then I guess that's why I did these changes to this blog after all, because the updates became too time consuming.

-Turns out with the drawing pad your sims can only use it sitting on the floor not on a table and this ruined my whole plan for these two to be arty together. :(

-And $30 for a pizza is redonkulous! Same goes for the movie too! The girls saw in indie movie called Corduroy Sunglasses and they both got a positive moodlet from seeing it so I guess the money was well spent. lol

-Title song is Electric Feel by MGMT.

Thanks for reading and belated Merry Christmas, hope you had a safe & happy one! Also Happy New Year too if I don't post before then! :D

Carla  – (31 December, 2015)  

Aw, I've got a couple of cousin/best friend pairs in my game too. :) They're fun to play. It was cool seeing the girls settle into adult life - yep, things are a lot more expensive when your parents aren't paying, lol! I'm looking forward to seeing if anything develops between Reece and Charlotte. I guess that might depend on whether he's ready to move on after his girlfriend's death. :\

Sim prices are crazy sometimes. I think the TS2 price for a pizza is $40, which is even nuttier. But then they can buy a crappy but perfectly functional car that will never break down for $900. I do not understand the sim economy, lol!

Jennifer  – (04 January, 2016)  

Reece was pretty devastated by the death of his girlfriend but he has always gotten along well with Charlotte, the few times anyway when they were able to talk when his girlfriend wasn't around. lol I pretty much paired these two up right from the beginning, just had to wait till Charlotte was old enough. I think they will make a cute couple. :D

Haha! I know right. Geez, $40 for pizza?! The prices sure are crazy and often don't make sense, but at least it's amusing. lol

Thanks Carla. :)

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