Obituary - Claire Jones

2078 - 2097

Claire Anna Jones died in the Sacred Spleen Hospital in Greenland bay. She died from internal injuries due to an automobile accident. She was 19 years old. Her funeral was held at the Greenland Bay cemetery.

Claire was born November 22, 2078 to parents Alistair Jones and Samantha Jones. Some some years later she then become an older sister to younger brother Harrison.
Despite inheriting her mother's snob trait, Claire could be very caring and loving towards her family and friends. She had a good sense of humor and was known to be the funniest out of all her family and friends.

Throughout her education, elementary and high School, she was best friends to Natasha Mitchell and Madison Hamilton. The three girls instantly clicked and were often inseparable during their teen years, and sometimes insufferable.

Claire's favorite time of the year was Christmas. Her favorite season was Winter and her favorite food were Mango's. She was smart when it came to her studies, she was ambitious but could be a coward.

She graduated from Greenland Bay high school, with her best friends, with honors and was awarded the person most likely to succeed in the workforce after high school by her peers. She was going to further her studies to become a veterinarian.

Claire was girlfriend to Reece Hamilton all throughout high school and then into young adulthood before she died from complications due to the automobile accident. Reece was driving Claire back to her parents house when he lost control of the car due to bad weather conditions and crashed into a tree.

Claire's Mosaic (more info can be read here)

- My first obituary, and not the last either. Posting this before my next round update because this is relevant to the Jones family. This was something I wanted to post a long time ago but never really got around to it.

- Unfortunately I don't have a lot of photos of Claire because she was never one of the 'main' characters I wrote about. I still loved her all the same but back when I was writing The Drifter I'd planned her to die early because I actually had other ideas for Reece. Not going to give anything away but there is a special young lady that I'll be pairing up with Reece a bit further down the track. :D

Thanks for reading!

Carla  – (09 May, 2016)  

Very cool idea to add a little obituary for Claire, for people who haven't read all the way back. In my own hood, I always find obituaries make everything seem a bit more real. It's always fun to look back on memories after a sim is gone too.

Jennifer  – (10 May, 2016)  

I was hoping it would help the reader to know a little more about Claire without having to read all the previous chapters involving her. I think there is quite a few so hope this makes it easier with the links I added too.

Wish I had some shots of her as a toddler or even a child though but truth is I created her as a teen back when this blog was written as The Drifter.

I love looking back on a sim's life, especially if you've seen them grow from baby to elder. :)

Thanks Carla :)

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