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Just a little note to say that I haven't abandoned this blog! Life is good at the moment and busy. Now that Summer has ended and Winter is well and truly on it's way I'll be spending more time in the hot seat (my desk chair lol) and updating this blog again. I always tend to back off a little during Summer as it's my favourite season so I don't like to waste it. I'm already feeling the Winter blues kick in but I'm fighting it-or pretending it's not there, lol.

I did start a little project on tumblr earlier this year when I took two weeks off work, making over Sunlit Tides and all the original households living there. I kind of got a bit carried away but it was something I'd wanted to do for a while. ST has become one of my favourite hoods to play in. I'm a huge fan of the beach so what can I say, it feels like a home away from home when I play in that hood. :)
I'm at the stage where I only have a few more households to makeover and then I'm done. Of course then there are the community lots, but to be honest most of them in ST aren't too bad. I'll be happy to let my newly made over sims simmer in the background for a while now and live out their lives (yes, I've turned aging & story progression on!) while I turn my focus back to Freedom Shores.

I've missed the creative outlet this blog gives me. Mainly writing and story telling. So time to get back into it! My next update is the Jones family and I'm making a start on taking the shots this week so should have the update ready hopefully in the next fortnight.

Hope everyone is doing well! :)

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