Lot Tour - Parker Family

The Parker family home, number 17 Maywood Lane Greenland Bay. This is an original home from The Drifter days. I haven't changed too much only the decor inside so it doesn't look so manly now that there's a lady in the house. ;)


Hallway leading to kitchen, lounge/living area. The door at the end is to the main bathroom.

Kitchen. Which is quite clutter free. lol I imagine when Johnny lived by himself here he didn't have too much stuff, you know the main things single guys need or use.

Lounge and living room with a bar. :) Johnny loves a social drink, either with family or friends. He is not the type who drinks to get drunk though. Back when he was at University he worked as a bartender in Bridgeport to help pay for law school so he's a pretty good mixologist.

Johnny & Susannah's bedroom. I've just realised I forgot to recolor one of the lamps. Mental note to do that next time I go in game. lol No family pictures up yet. That's something else I'll do next time I load up my game.

Main and only bathroom in the house. It's big enough and has the essentials. :)

Flynn's bedroom. Unmade bed is no surprise considering Flynn has the slob trait. This room was an extension they had built onto the existing dwelling. Flynn is quite lucky because it's a sizable room, he even has a small wall mounted TV which is just out of view in the first shot.

Flynn's lizard, Graham the Iguana. I'm annoyed about the sheen on the glass. lol It would have been a better picture if that hadn't happened.

Johnny's garage and the laundry.

Backyard and decking. I added a few extra trees because it looked quite bare. Johnny might live simply but he does enjoy the luxuries too, like a spa, pool and BBQ. :)

Floorplan. Only one level but I like that the house is evenly built in the middle of the block. I'm a big fan of my lots having a front yard as well as a backyard, if its possible. Privacy is important! ;)

Parker family update will be posted in the next fortnight depending on how busy RL gets. Winter has pretty much set in now. It's freezing every day now, and often raining so I see myself having spare time to play, write & post! :D

Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of your week!

Carla  – (07 June, 2016)  

This is a great house! I think you did an excellent job balancing the masculine with the more feminine - not too heavy with either. :)

Jennifer  – (07 June, 2016)  

Thanks Carla, appreciate it! :) I always feel like I can do one or the other, not both together. lol

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