Lot Tour - Hamilton Family

Hamilton Residence - 98 Landgraab Ave, Greenland Bay
This lot I download a long long time ago, it's a creation by kbradley03 and I added a few of my own finishing touches to it. I remember the moment I saw this house I knew it was perfect for the Hamilton's. It think it's a lovely build and style. All her homes are really lovely!

Let's go in shall we!

I'll start with the dining room because this is the very first room you walk into when you enter the house-basically it's right near the front door. lol

Reece's bedroom which is down a short hallway directly opposite the dining room.

Entry and the hallway down the end on the left leads to Reece's bedroom and a spare bedroom (which was Madison's before she moved out) and a small bathroom.



Upstairs lounge and Jon's second office. Their bedroom is also upstairs, the door on the right.

Upstairs bathroom, which is really Jon and April's bathroom. It's pretty small much like the downstairs one and they are both decorated the same.

Jon and April's bedroom. I found this room difficult to decorate, it's such an odd space, you'll see what I mean when you have a look at the floor plan. As much as I love this house I actually found the whole thing difficult to decorate. Not sure why, maybe I was forcing it to be something that it wasn't going to be. lol

So it's Winter now and I'm just not having much luck with the lighting. The sky is always over cast and gloomy, the worst for picture taking!

So I've been taking shots in build mode which doesn't help you at all. The camera mod I use is for taking shots in live mode only.

Gated entrance. ;)

I'm in love with this flower tower thing and their whole front lawn area. lol

Upstairs and downstairs floor plans.

After I finished decorating this lot my game was running pretty slow so I'm hoping it holds up so I can take shots for their update. I really didn't want to do the switch to Greenland Bay 2.0 just yet. I'm saving lots and always deleting the cache files, man does Sunset Valley create big cache files. One reason why I'm fond of smaller hoods like Sunlit Tides.

So far I've got sixteen families in this save that I've created profiles for and have posted updates for. I actually didn't realize I had that many and I still have four more families to add to that! I still haven't sorted out a roster for the birthdays, though I did create a list of them all. lol And I'd still like to create a University save but I'm kind of in two minds about that. I guess after this round I'll see where I'm at and assess how I want to go about the next round and with which families.

Thanks for looking and have a great rest of the week! :)

Carla  – (10 August, 2016)  

Oh, very nice! I love the hallway. I struggle with hallways and landings, so I always appreciate a really well done one. The bathroom is lovely too - I love the wooden-look tiles.

Jennifer  – (13 August, 2016)  

Thanks Carla! :) I have a thing for entrances and hallway's and always try to make them look warm & welcoming, though this house felt a lot tougher to decorate than others I've done.

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