Strawberry Swing

Round 2 Winter, July 2101
Seymour Family

Will & Eliza are 43, Pippa is 14, Sarah, Emma & Lucy are 2.

Narrated by Eliza Seymour.

Night time has become pretty chaotic lately. Will has been helping me prep and cook dinner now that we have three extra mouths to feed. We eat pretty healthy, always have. I like to have a salad with dinner so I make that and then Will tends to the mains which is normally some kind of meat or fish.

He's quite a character my husband and there is never a dull moment with him around. His sense of humor is one of the many things I fell in love with. He's a pretty good cook too, especially when it comes to any fish or seafood dishes.

We all try to sit down together and eat but unfortunately it doesn't always go to plan. The triplets are proving to be quite a juggle, especially around dinner time. Will is a wonderful father and always makes sure the kids have their dinner before he even starts eating his own.

Like I said, it doesn't always go to plan. This one particular night Sarah, Lucy & Emma all decided they didn't want what we put in front of them and up turned their bowls spilling food every where. Will was not impressed and started cleaning up immediately.

After he tended to Sarah and Lucy's mess, I got up and tended to Emma's so he could at least eat some of his dinner while it was still warm.

Both Will and I have been trying hard to teach the triplets to walk and finally Sarah and Lucy mastered it and then Emma was close behind.

Pippa is a great help with the triplets and when we need an extra hand she never complains. We try not to ask too much of her though, since she is in high school now and we don't want her to stray from her studies but also want her to enjoy these years of her life and not worry about having to look after her three little sisters all the time.

She has been a bit moody of late. It worries me only a little bit as I think it might just be teenage hormones but I plan to have a little chat with her soon. I just haven't had a chance with the triplets pretty much taking up all of my time.
This is one of the reasons I wished our second eldest Charlotte hadn't moved out of home so early. It would have been great for Pippa to have someone else to go to if she wanted to talk, or just to help keep her in line. Charlotte is very much like her father, very patient and level-headed.

But Pippa goes and does her own thing sometimes. She is pretty independent and we trust her. She hasn't shown much if any interest in boys just yet which I'm sure Will is happy about. Will loves our girls so much but I know he would've liked to have another boy to go on fishing trips with him.

We don't like to enforce any strict rules on our kids. We let them know that we trust them and try out best to guide them in the right direction and hope that they'll make the right decisions as they get older. I think we've done pretty well so far, they all seem pretty level-headed.

We were a lot stricter on our eldest Joshua. I guess because he was our first born and we were so afraid of anything happening to him. It's funny how you become a bit more relaxed and carefree with each next child you have.

Josh comes and visits often which I love and Will takes him fishing up on Pinnicle point near the waterfall. They've been doing that since Josh was a child.
Josh is still not all that interested in the triplets yet though which I can't blame him. He's been busy working full time at the Greenland Bay Fire Department and moved into a nice little two story apartment in town by the beach.

We were worried about him there for a while, after he broke up with Natasha. They had been together for so long and he took the break up really hard. I guess because it was initiated by Natasha. He is doing much better now and he said he has spoken to her a few times which makes me wonder if they might one day get back together.

Will and I are both very dedicated to our family, our children bring us so much joy and happiness. Will always wanted a big family but he never pushed me for it. After I had Josh and then Charlotte, I knew that we would have one more but we waited until both Josh and Charlotte were teens before trying for another. It's definitely a juggle having three toddlers running around!

I haven't worked in years and sometimes I do miss it. I think it's more the social aspect of it though. I've dabbled in things over the years like photography and a little bit of writing. One day I'd love to write a romance novel and I've got some notes and plots already but I haven't actually put anything together yet. It's just something I like to do when I have a spare minute which lately is not very often.

Will is very supportive and just wants me to be happy in anything that I choose to do. He said he's been thinking about taking a sports agent job that was recommended to him. It would mean more money but also longer hours.
At the moment he works as a toddler sports coach so he is home during the morning and works in the afternoon. He sometimes takes personal training jobs too but lately they've been few and far between. If he took the new job I would lose the extra help with the triplets and I'm also worried we might not find the time to be together. Its a struggle as it is at the moment.

Game play notes:

-Title song is Strawberry Swing by Coldplay. Love their Viva la Vida album!

-I had so much fun playing the Seymour's again! It was a trip down memory lane and makes me realize just how much I miss them. They're grown to be such a wonderful family over the time (years lol) I've played them and now with the triplets I actually find it quite exciting to see who they will look like.

-Pippa is too funny. She just woke up one day and got the mood swing moodlet and then rolled a bunch of bad wants. lol Like skip school, insult someone and set a booby trap. Her mood swing fell on Snowflake day so I couldn't get her to skip school so I just sent her out into town to chill out. ;) And I think it helped because when she got home her mood swing moodlet disappeared and so did her bad wants. Though I did get her to set a booby trap which no one has sat on yet. lol

-The triplets are definitely a juggle, even for me! lol I don't think I've ever played with triplets before and even though they are cute it is a but trying for Will & Eliza. Next round I think I'll age them up.

-Next family update will be Joshua! Love this kid so much, though he's not a kid anymore but you know what I mean. lol Looking forward to writing his update since Natasha is in town and will be featured in his update. ;)

Thanks for reading! :)

S.B.  – (16 September, 2016)  

This is so sweet. Pippa looks like she may be a bigger handful than they expect...

The waterfall shots are gorgeous!

Jennifer  – (19 September, 2016)  

Thank you SB! :) I'm looking forward to playing this family again. It's exciting to get know Pippa more and of course the triplets too once they grow up a couple of life stages.

Anonymous –   – (21 September, 2016)  

This family sure has their hands full. Count your blessings that two of your children are out of the house already ;-)

And Will, girls can go on fishing trips too you know ! Maybe he can take the triplets when they're a little older.

Carla  – (25 September, 2016)  

This is kind of like my dream family. All through TS2, I've been waiting for a family of four girls in a row and you've got five! I'd probably rather not have them as triplets but I'd take what I could get, lol!

Anyway, I think Will and Eliza are coping admirably well with three toddlers in the house. It's cool that they don't expect Pippa to help out too much as well, because it sounds like she really needs her time just to relax and chill out. And she's so young still.

Jennifer  – (25 September, 2016)  

Hi Anon and thanks for commenting! :) Yep they sure do! I think if Charlotte & Josh were still at home, they'd be helping out. Especially Charlotte. ;)

Will has been fishing with his step daughter before, Sandy. I haven't posted about her yet but hopefully at the end of this round. Sandy is now a young adult. The two girls he's had with Eliza have been girly girly girls if you know what I mean. lol

Jennifer  – (25 September, 2016)  

Thanks Carla! :) Aww really! I love this family so much, I've put them through a lot and they still wanted to have more kids, lol! I guess that's just sims though. They are doing very well and I feel proud of them. ;)

Pippa helps with the triplets with out being asked but as long as she doesn't have anymore mood swings I think things will be all good. lol Will and Eliza know that being a teenager is tough so they want to give her the trusted freedom that they gave Charlotte and Josh when they were teens. :)

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