Dancing On My Own

Round 2 Winter, August 2101
Seymour 1 Family

Joshua is 23 (Natasha Mitchell is 22)

Narrated by Joshua Seymour.

Living on your own is a lot different than when I shared with two roomies. If anything breaks you have to fix it yourself or at least pay someone to fix it. Luckily I've fixed broken faucets before and this one just needed another washer replaced.

Back when I was still living at home dad taught me how to repair a few things. Replacing a washer is easy-peasy but I don't like cleaning up the mess it makes on the floor.

Daisy helped me out a little bit trying to lick up some of the water but after a few moments I think she'd had enough water for the night.

Cooking is something I miss being shared around too. When I lived with Madison and Reece, Madison would do most of the cooking. She actually cooked some pretty tasty meals and neither of us guys had much imagination so we just let her take over the kitchen.

I take Daisy for walks after I get home from work. It's harder in winter because it's so cold and gets dark so early but I don't like the thought of her being cooped up inside all day.

I'm still enjoying working at the fire department and I got promoted to a fireman a while back which means I am qualified now to actually attend callouts and handle the equipment.

There isn't normally a lot to do at work. Maintain our equipment, the truck and the alarm. It's a pretty cushy job and everyone knows it but it's something we don't really talk about. I guess because there is also a serious side to our job once that alarm rings and we have to tend to a house on fire.

I remember when I first started, how nervous I was, mainly because I knew I'd be working with Natasha's father who is the chief. But Trey showed me the ropes and we kind of hit it off from there.

We've become quite good friends and sometimes hang out. He's got a girlfriend that he's been going out with for a while now, Darcy, she's pretty cool too.

We haven't had much snow fall this winter compared to last year's, but it has still been really cold and quiet at the station. Not too many call outs during the cold season which means we talk, work out and do a lot of drills, and we also maintain our equipment.

I'm yet to have a really tough day at work in terms of not being able to save anyone from a house fire or mucking up somehow, like if your equipment fails because you haven't been maintaining it properly.
Despite not having anyone to come home to it's still really nice to have Daisy greet me at the front door. She is always excited to see me and I now look forward to seeing her at the end of a working day.

I remember when I first set eye's on Daisy for the first time at the dog shelter. She was just the cutest thing ever and she wouldn't take her eyes off of me. I walked up and down past the other dogs in their pens and always came back to her, I think it was meant to be. I felt sad for the other dogs though, it's horrible to see so many with out a home.

Daisy has a lot of energy which suits me, especially in the warmer weather because I'm always outside running or swimming. Luckily she loves to come along and do both with me. She a great companion, got a great nature and was already toilet trained when I got her.

So I saw Natasha in town the other day. It's been quite a while since we've seen each other since our break up. She was just sitting by the fountain all by herself.

I had to go over and say hello. It had been so long and it just didn't feel right walking away, especially since we didn't break up on bad terms.

Well the break was on Natasha's terms, but nothing like one of us cheating on the other. That's not to say it wasn't hard when we did break up. I found it really tough because I was so in love with her at the time.

She hasn't changed a bit, if anything I think she's looks more beautiful. She looks happy and that makes me happy. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still attracted to her and had feelings for her.

We chatted non-stop and about all sorts of things. It sounded like she was doing really well at university and had made a lot of friends there. It made me wonder though just how many of those friends were guys but I tried to push that thought to the back of my mind.

I haven't dated anyone since our break up. I guess I've been focusing on work and other things. I did go out with Margo Kane once but just as friends.

Then I never heard from her again. I don't really know what happened there but I thought we both had fun that day. I remember Madison and Natasha used to make fun of her back in high school, maybe it had something to do with that.

It started to rain so we had to move to a table with an umbrella but we continued to talk, well Natasha did most of the talking. It sounds like she is really enjoying university life because that's all she could talk about.

She invited me to go grab a coffee but I had to decline because I was starting work soon. To be honest I thought it might be a bit weird if we did but then I guess there is no reason why we can't be friends.

The rain stopped after we'd said our goodbye's and I headed back towards my car. We agreed to make a time to have a coffee one day when she was back in town again. I'll admit it was really great to see her and to hear that she is doing well at university, I know that was really important to her. I really hope one day that we do meet up and have that coffee together.

Game play notes:

-Title song is Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott.

-This is my 200th post! lol So October was kind of quiet for updates, my bad. :| If you follow my tumblr then you'll know I've been chilling out in my Populating Sunlit Tides save. It's such a great hood though I had some problems and had to bin 1.0 and create a whole new fresh one. 2.0 seems to be running heaps better and I've only got a few townie households left to give makovers. So it's not like I haven't been simming. ;p

-I know I've said this before but I'll say it again-I love this kid! Josh is just the sweetest kindest kid. Will and Eliza did such a good job of bringing him up. Haha! ;) Seriously though I look forward to seeing what his future holds and who he will end up with. Whoever he ends up with will definitely be a lucky girl!

-Josh was promoted to Fireman which is level 5 in the Firefighter career. He's been working there since he left high school so I figure that sounds about right. lol This career is really quite boring but I like it because you can actually see your sims at work. It suits Josh for the moment. He hasn't rolled any other career wants yet.

-This update is pretty short but a short one is better than no update I say! It was half written and sitting in drafts waiting to be finished. lol Next update is Edwards/Hamilton wedding, exciting & scary at the same time! This will be my first wedding since, um, a long long time ago-Will & Eliza's wedding which was 2010. Yikes. Wish me luck! lol

Thanks for reading and happy Friday for tomorrow! :)  

Carla  – (03 November, 2016)  

Aw, Josh! He really does seem like a lovely, sweet guy and like he is genuinely happy for Natasha, rather than being bitter about their break-up. That's great.

It's funny you mentioned Josh's future partner being a lucky girl, because I was thinking the exact same thing. Not only is he a truly nice guy, but he's domesticated too! Definite plus, there.

Jennifer  – (06 December, 2016)  

Thanks Carla and sorry it's taken me so long to reply!

Josh is just one of those characters that I feel in love with. I've seen him grow from a baby up to a YA and I just feel proud of him. lol I actually feel a bit like that for all my Drifter sims/characters.

I'm not sure what Josh's future holds as I don't really map out my sims future's anymore.But there is another young lady that I'd love to see him with (still yet to had this family to my hood, The Kane's). So we will see what happens there. I feel like Natasha had her chance with him and she chose a different path and maybe she shouldn't get a second chance. But who know's what might happen! ;)

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