Lot Tour - Seymour Family

Seymour (1) Residence - 9 Sung Song Avenue, Greenland Bay

So this is the lot that Josh is renting by himself. It's right opposite the beach which is perfect for Josh since that is one of his true loves. I created this lot a long time ago, back in my TSR days. It was a bit girly so I had to alter some of the inside but I really like the layout and it's not too big or too small so I thought it was perfect for Josh.

It's probably a bit luxurious for him since he is only 22 but I think it suits his style and I really wasn't up for building something new just for him. lol Anyway he might end up having someone move in further down the track. A girl maybe? ;) We'll see. It's a two bed/bathroom and would comfortably suit two possibly three sims.

Entry. I took the inside shots while in live mode so I could use my camera mod. With it still being winter in my save the weather is still terrible for taking daytime shots outside.

Kitchen to the left and living room to the right. Also door on the right is to the downstairs bathroom.

Kitchen. Tried to make it look a bit rustic/beachy. lol And I didn't add lots of appliances either. Josh will have to and wash all his dishes. I'm so mean! lol

Living room. Since Josh is still a YA, I didn't want to deck the place out with too much stuff. It takes time to accumulate belongings in real life so I at least try to do the same for my sims. It's hard though!

Upstairs recreation. The chess set was already there so I just left that. Gave him a weight machine though. A fireman has to keep stay strong and fit. ;)

Josh is a big sports fan. He's very active, loves running, swimming, football.

Upstairs bathroom. The downstairs one is exactly the same in terms of amenities so I didn't add a shot of it but I was also too lazy to decorate it. lol

Josh's bedroom.

 Just a night time shot of the little back patio. The sliding door leads into the living room.

Downstairs and upstairs floor plans.

So September completely flew by didn't it. :o Daylight saving starts tonight for all Victorian's (and a couple of other states), very exciting because we get an extra hour of daylight! It will be nice to finish work and actually arrive home and it'll still be light.
I'm not sure yet what October holds for me. I'll be starting in a new role at work maybe mid to late October but other than that I think it'll be pretty quiet which means I can get stuck into more updates. :D

Planning to have Josh's update ready by next weekend and then according to my Round 2 schedule it's the Edward/Hamilton wedding. Yikes, that came around quick! Sounds like a bit of fun though and to be honest I'm looking forward to seeing Davey & Madison finally tie the knot. :)

Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Carla  – (06 October, 2016)  

Ha, all my 22-year-olds have way nicer places than real 22-year-olds could probably afford! What can I say? I just like things to be pretty, lol!

Anyway, it's very cool to take a peek at Josh's place. It definitely has a very youthful feel. Any young guy would be happy to live there, I think. I love the shot of the patio at night. Great place to hang out with friends!

Jennifer  – (26 October, 2016)  

Thanks Carla! :) I I totally I agree too with making things pretty! I know I spoil my sims way too much but meh, they deserve it. ;)

I was trying to go for a youthful beachy feel without it looking like he owns a lot of stuff. lol It's actually really hard to decorate/use clutter sparingly.

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