Lot Tour - Seymour Family

Seymour (GP) Residence - 455 Sunnyside Blvd, Greenland Bay

This beach house belongs to Howard & Barbara Seymour. Now in their elder years, Howard and Barbara are enjoying retirement together with a view!

Years ago this house was their family home, before Howard got lost at sea and their oldest at the time, a young William in his teens, went in search of his father only to never return home as well but to continue on searching for many years to come.
With her husband and son gone and this home holding too many memories, Barbara moved into a temporary home in Greenland Bay with her daughter Susannah. Many years later when Howard was finally found they both returned to the family beach house to stay forever and live out the rest of their days together.

Back view of the house.

Side view.

And street view. So we've done a full circle of the house. lol Let me show you the inside!

Starting with ground floor. Bar with an ocean view. ;)

Ground floor is quite small but I managed to fit a few recreation things in there and also a bathroom which is like 4 tiles, so a box. lol I had to put a bathroom on this floor though otherwise sims have to climb two flights of stairs! And ignore the car, I had to move that for reasons which you'll read about below.

Second floor and stairs that lead up to the third floor. Also these doors are technically the front doors, well that's what I set them as anyway.

Kitchen, which I'm really happy with. Tired my best to make the whole house look as beachy as possible and you just can't go wrong with blue. ;) Light greens work too. Those are probably my two favorite colours that I use in my sims homes.

Their small living area. Being elders I don't see them sitting here too often hence why it's only a small space. The empty frames I'm hoping to fill with images of family members.

Third floor now. Door on the right leads to the guest bedroom. There's also another door, out of view, that leads to the master bedroom with en-suite.

Guest bedroom complete with double bed and two bunk beds. There's an ocean view out the window too. Almost all the windows have an ocean view. :)

Master bedroom, Howard and Barbara's room.

En-suite in the master bedroom.

Barbara's favorite spot to relax.

I spared no expense on their backyard, adding things for them, family members and friends to enjoy. This soccer net goes way back with Howard playing soccer with a young William before the whole lost at sea tragedy. It's also become quite rusted from years of sea air, wind and rain.

Just a little nook at the end of their backyard. Both Howard and Barbara have always loved the ocean so it was only fitting that they had access to the beach as well.

Now for floor plans. This is the ground floor and I don't know why there are no floor tiles showing to the stairs. lol Maybe I had to go up one more level or something.

 Second floor.
 And third. Please excuse the unmade bed.

And here's an overview shot of their whole lot.

So you wouldn't believe it but I actually started building this (and almost completed it) in the wrong save. :( I'm such a doofus!! I had a brief panic attack so afraid that the lot might not fit on any other lot.Why did I think that? Because this family originally lived on Recurve Strand lot in Sunset Valley and for some reason on that lot you cannot place a new lot with a home on it. Argh, so frustrating but I worked around it and I think the lot they are on now might be even more perfect. :)

This is not their original home but a re-creation of it--from scratch! I lost the original and the saves I had of it were really really old with lots of cc. :| I think I've done a pretty fine job of re-creating it though. Years ago I did play for quite a long time in that home with my then favorite family. You probably can't tell too much but I took the indoor shots while I was still in the wrong save. The inside hasn't changed at all, just maybe the view out the windows slightly. lol

After I moved them to Sunnyside Blvd I had to rearrange the backyard a little because on Recurve Strand it was pretty much just all sand. I do like my sims to have a little bit of grass. It's aesthetically pleasing too! Also moved the carport to the front of the house and re-designed the front of the house a little so it wasn't just one big flat wall. lol

Wall of text complete.

Haven't started on their update yet but really looking forward to playing them. Love my elder sims!

Thanks for looking (and reading the wall of text too, lol!). Have a great weekend! :)

Carla  – (21 January, 2017)  

This looks great - Howard and Barbara are two lucky sims! I think you definitely achieved your aim of a very beachy look. The white, slightly distressed woods and all the shades of blue are so perfect. The kitchen is fantastic but I also really love their bedroom. And whoa, what a view!

Jennifer  – (30 January, 2017)  

Thanks so much Carla. :)

I'm pretty happy with the end result! Yep the view is pretty amazing but I also love this specific lot location because they can take a walk down on the beach via their backyard at anytime.:D

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