Two Strong Hearts

Round 2 Spring, October 2101
Seymour (GP) Family

Howard is 65 and Barbara is 63.

Narrated by Barbara Seymour.

From the very moment that Howard was found and returned to us life feels like such a blessing now. It's like we were given a second chance, like Howard was given a second chance. We've been inseparable since that day at the hospital and have never spent a night apart.

I thanked god and the heavens above for his safe return. I'm not religious and don't really believe in god but I felt like I needed to thank someone else other than his rescuers because it really felt like a miracle that he was returned to us.
I did pray the whole time he was away and tried very hard to not give up hope. I knew that he was out there somewhere, still alive. I could feel it in my bones.

I can't really say it was like he never left because he was gone for so long and it has taken him some time to get back to normal. When I say normal I mean in the swing of being at home, doing things he used to do before everything that happened. Everyday life I guess you'd call it.

Sometimes I wake up with a jolt and my heart is beating so fast, pounding away in my chest for fear that I will lose him again. I've woken Howard up a couple of times from this and he just puts his arm around me and I snuggle into his warm embrace. He whispers to me that it's okay and that he is here and not going anywhere and kisses me gently on my cheek. I'm not sure if this fear will ever go away but I try not to think about it too much.

Howard has renewed his love of golf again. He gave it up for a while when he was still working and managing the fishing business because he just couldn't find the time to practice. To be honest I think he's really missed playing.

His form is looking so good too! I normally have a little spy on him through the kitchen window while I'm cooking lunch. We both have a routine down now which I'm not quite sure how that happened but most days he practices golf while I cook us a nice organic lunch.
The poor dear, little did Howard know that he'd be eating all organic foods when he returned home. I only changed to them because when Susannah was little she had so many allergies and reactions to certain foods. She seems to have grown out of it now but I just continued on eating and cooking organic.

We take a walk on the beach everyday, sometimes in the morning, sometimes the afternoon, just depends what we have planned for the day. I never get tired of our local beach, it's so clean and never really busy. Sometimes I feel like it's our own private little beach especially since our backyard gate opens out onto it.

I'm thankful that after what Howard went through he didn't lose his sense of humor or spark for life. He is still the man that I knew when he went set sail that day never to return. Just a little older, wiser and maybe a few bumps and dint's.

When we're together we're like best friends and two teens in love at the same time. He still has that romantic spark too and has the ability to make me feel weak at the knees and blush like a young teenage girl.

Walking along the beach is about as much exercise as I do, though our house does have two flights of stairs and climbing those several times a day often feels like a mini work out. Howard quite often works out in front of the TV doing cardio and strengthening exercises. I think he is secretly trying to bulk up a bit since he lost weight and some muscle tone when he was away.

At dinner the other night I casually mentioned that I was thinking of going into the hospital to work maybe one or two days a week. I wouldn't be performing any surgery maybe just work as a casual doctor. Don't' get me wrong I love being retired but I also miss my work in medicine. I dedicated so much of my time and life to medicine and helping others get back on their feet. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Howard didn't really say too much about it only that he would support me in whatever choice I'd make. Maybe I'll sit on it a little while longer and see how I feel about it in another month or two. I might just be feeling this way because the weather has been so horrible lately. We had a few nice days this month and then all of a sudden it started to rain and didn't stop. It's been so cold at night that we've even had to light the fireplace.

I woke up feeling lucky one Sunday morning and lo and behold the sun was shining! So we quickly organized a family lunch to have at the beach house. It felt like it had been too long since we had family lunch here. Weather wise it really was the perfect day.

Not everyone could make it due to the short notice. Charlotte invited her new boyfriend Reece who seems like a lovely boy. He brought his guitar along and played a few tunes for us. Apparently they haven't been going out for very long, it's only early days Grandma, she told me.

I always enjoy hearing what our grandchildren have been up to. We don't get a lot of visits from them because they are so busy now with school and their friends. Zoey and Charlotte moved into a small place together and they both have part-time jobs.
Pippa calls me often, she always seems to have a lot to tell me. She is still at high school and she tells me she gets far too much homework. When she get get's home all she wants to do it play with the triplets, Emma, Lucy and Sarah. She loves playing big sister to the three of them.

I wasn't all that surprised when Will told us he and Eliza were having another baby, because Will always said he wanted a big family, but when Eliza gave birth to triplets, well that was a big surprise and both Howard and I were delighted to hear we'd have more grandchildren!
Having these family lunches is probably one of my favorite past times. Nothing is more important to Howard and I than our family and I'm so glad that ours are so close.

Game play notes:

-Title song is Two Strong Hearts by John Farnham.

-When I first started playing this household I thought I was having a weird glitch. Almost everyday I'd have 6 random sims (townies) suddenly join the household. I thought maybe I was doing some sort of shortcut with the mouse, lol, but turns out for some reason they had roommates enabled in their phone and I don't even know how that got enabled. In the all the years I've played sims I have never had this happen. So bizarre!

-Also this round in Spring it has rained SO MUCH. Omg, I was seriously starting to think I'd have to disable rain in my options. Finally they had a nice day though so I made the most of it and yep, invited the whole family over! Well tried to anyway. The triplets didn't come because they are still toddlers but that's probably because I choose the option to have a bonfire party instead of inviting the whole family over. lol

-These two both got the allergy moodlet as soon as the season changed to Spring. Howard just put up with his but Barbara went and got an allergy shot at the hospital.

-They both get the attractive company moodlet when they are around each other, it's so cute. Howard rolls wants all the time to kiss Barbara and she rolls wants all the time to woohoo with Howard, haha! They are quite a fun elder couple to play. :)

-I still can't decide on how to tag some of my families, like I currently have three households with the same surname. Howard and Barbara are one of those three. So I tagged them with GP on the end for grandparents, lol. I guess it'll work for now.

Thanks for reading and happy Friday for tomorrow! :)

Carla  – (08 February, 2017)  

Oh man, my sims kept doing that roommate thing for a while too! I don't remember it happening autonomously last time I played but I was so happy when I realised I could turn it off. So annoying!

Anyway, Howard and Barbara are a sweet couple. You can tell they both really appreciate this second chance they've been given and want to make the most of it. Look forward to seeing what Barbara decides about working again - I can see why someone like her might get a little bit restless in retirement.

Jennifer  – (09 February, 2017)  

Oh really? Damn I had no idea what was going on until I googled it. lol

They were apart for such a long time so I think in a way they are making up for lost time too. Barbara can't seem to sit still and she is very competitive when they play ping-pong, lol! I think she is leaning more towards not working though. If Howard had not come back into her life then she would definitely still be working, probably until she was on her death bed.

Thanks Carla! :)

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