Round 2 Summer, December 2101
Edwards 1 FamilyDavey is 24 and Madison is 23.

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Narrated by Davey Edwards.

Thanks to our parents and some of our friends who put in money for us as a wedding gift we were able to take our honeymoon a lot sooner than expected. Maddy and I have always wanted to visit Egypt since we were in our teens. We both also love the hot weather so this was always going to be the perfect place for our honeymoon.

We stayed at one of the basic base camps in Al Simhara. Camping style! I thought it was great but I know Maddy was expecting something a little more up market. She still forgets sometimes that we're on a budget. After unpacking and setting up our tent we checked out the adventure notice board for some things to do during our stay.

We decided to check out the local market down town too. I thought it best to be prepared before we go hiking out in the hot sun so we stocked up on a few things. Appropriate clothing for starters and also food we could take with us on our hikes.

We chatted to some of the locals about what were the best sights to see and they all mentioned the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. I couldn't wait to see them up close.

We arrived at base camp fairly late so stopped for a late lunch early dinner at the local restaurant and discussed which sights we wanted to see first.

Maddy ordered some Falafel wraps and I decided to try something different, Aloo Masala Curry. Wow, it was super hot chilli, it was awesome! I offered Maddy to try but she wasn't game enough.

That night we took a walk along the Nile river and stopped to check out the view of the Pyramids. I felt a bit overwhelmed to be sharing this amazing view with the love of my love. It was very surreal but I made sure that I let Maddy know how amazing I was feeling.

We watched the stars together and the view of the Pyramids until we got too tired.

The next morning we put on our adventuring gear and set off to explore.

The entrance to the pyramid was huge! Lots of dust and rubble fell everywhere as the massive stone wall shifted down. It was exciting walking through the doorway. Once inside I pushed one of the stones backwards and then to my right three sections of a wall opened up.
Maddy opened a stone chest and found some ancient coins. Not sure what we'll do with those, maybe use them to by some things at the merchant store.

I didn't waste any time in going through the next door. This place was absolutely amazing! I really loved the statues and thought it would be cool to have one of them at home. I bet to buy one from the merchant store they would be expensive though, totally out of our price range.

This room had flames coming up through holes in the floor, pretty scary! Other than the door we came in through there was no other way out so I started feeling the walls and found another secret opening.

We walked through the secret opening and down along a passage way. I has having the time of my life but Maddy looked quite worried so I reassured her we were fine and not in any danger. People visited these pyramids all the time and they wouldn't be able to just let you get stuck in them and die, now would they?

Okay so at this point I'll admit that I got a bit shaken. I didn't even notice the holes in the floor once we'd gotten right to the end of the passage way and it was a dead end too. They must have flipped or something after we'd walked over them and the flames rose up right after. We both ran out of there so fast, Maddy in the lead.

I found and collected a stone star in the corner of the passway so when we came to this door I knew what I had to do. It was awesome, I felt like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom! The chain and lock broke free and fell to the floor.

I walked through and holy crap there were spears shooting up out of the floor! This really freaked me out. This was so much worse than the flames. Maddy asked me if it was good to walk through and I ushered her to walk in but to keep to the main path. She spotted and collected some more ancient coins.

At that point we decided to call it quits and head back to base camp. Plus we were both starving by this time so when we were almost back to the main entrance we stopped and ate a quick snack. By the time we got back to camp we were both so tired that we went straight to bed.

The next morning we slept in late, though we never actually did much sleeping in. I guess this is one reason for next time to stay somewhere more up market, you would have your own privacy. If anyone asked I'd just say we were on our honeymoon, because we were!

 We went swimming in the Nile River. The water wasn't even cold!

And then relaxed on the river bank.

When we got hungry we cooked up something easy at the fire pit.

Another place I wanted to visit was The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. The only thing impressive about this building though was the size, other than that, there really wasn't much to see here.

 As we were leaving and almost at the end of the stairs Madison did something so crazy. She rang all the way back up to the top of the stairs and declared her love for me.

I couldn't help but laugh and once she'd finished she did too. This is why I'm so in love with this woman, because she is just as crazy as I am.

I delcared my love right back to her, but in my own way.

We tried to explore underneath the the temple but only found a room with a two seat sofa so we made the most of some alone time there.

We lost track of time so we ate dinner back at base camp. There was a little kitchenette available for people to use so Maddy cooked up a little something us.

We sat by the fire pit until we couldn't keep our eyes open. One of the locals joined us but she wasn't too talkative. I didn't care though, all that mattered was that I was here with Maddy.


Game play notes:
- title song is Dreams by the Cranberries.

-Davey rolled a want to have a baby boy but so far Madison has not shown any signs of wanting to start a family just yet. I prefer to wait till both sims roll a want to have a baby. We'll see what happens in round 3.

-Davey rolled a want to visit Al Simhara and I actually forgot they both rolled wants prior to their wedding to visit Champs Les Sims. Opps. I forgot to take note of that. lol Oh well, maybe in 5 or 10 years time when they want to renew their vows they can travel there.

-I didn't have much luck with WA. I tried editing their base camp before they arrived, because I like to be organised, and I didn't save early enough and lost everything that I'd done. :| My own fault. Al Simhara is actually quite boring too, lol! I find it quite plain compared to the other WA worlds and after two days there I think Davey and Madison were bored too. There just isn't a lot of fun stuff to do there. They only stayed for 3 days which is the least amount of days possible when your sim has no visa points.

-So that's the end of round 2. Woo, I made it! Felt like forever due to RL stuff taking up my time. I'll post round 3 schedule soon but I'll probably take a little break before I make a start on it. I've got a craving to play my Populating Sunlit Tides save, or maybe even TS4.

Thanks for reading and sticking with me through this round. :)  Have a great week!

Carla  – (08 April, 2017)  

A very unique and adventurous honeymoon! Davey and Madison have created a ton of memories together during that trip, I'm sure. I agree that Al-Simhara is probably the dullest WA world, though you did a good job injecting some life into it with your sims.

I've never had a TS3 sim roll a baby want for a specific gender unless they or their partner are already pregnant. Are you sure Madison isn't hiding something from you? ;) They're such a cute couple.

Jennifer  – (09 April, 2017)  

Thanks Carla! :) It wasn't until they arrived there that I remembered how boring that world can be. lol I think after I spruced up their base camp and then had trouble saving and lost my changes that kind of put a downer on playing there.

Haha, well it's possible Madison could be hiding something! I just don't see her as being the motherly type just yet, mainly because she can be pretty selfish and likes to be the center of attention all the time. I feel like she is still learning about who she is too, up to this point she has had a pretty sheltered life where as Davey is quite the opposite.

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