In My Daughter's Eyes

Round 3 Summer, January 2103
Keaton Family - Mark is 35, Justine is 32 and Ashley is 3.

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Narrated by Justine Keaton.

I don't know what it is happening lately but I feel like everything is a bit out of control. Things are breaking and I feel like nothing is going our way at the moment. The sink in the bathroom broke down and flooded the floor. Mark fixed it, but it took forever in a day to repair.

And then it was the draws in our dresser. They've been getting suck for a while now and I was kind of putting up with them because I learned a trick to open them which seem to work almost every time.

But one morning I was running late for work and I just wasn't in the mood for it and I pulled so hard putting all my weight on them and as soon as it came to I fell backwards. I was so annoyed that I yelled at Mark to just hurry up and fix the bloody thing already.

He said that was the first he had heard of the drawers getting stuck. I thought I'd told him about them but maybe I didn't. I seem to be doing that a lot lately, thinking that I've told him something when I actually haven't. He tried to cheer me up but it didn't really work and I honestly didn't have time for it.

Our little baby girl is growing up so fast and she seems to have a great set of lungs on her too. She can get pretty impatient if she isn't let out of her cot as soon as she wakes ups.

Mark normally tends to Ashley in the mornings since I start work so early. He knows how to settle her down, pretty much the moment she is in her daddy's arms she stops crying.

But then it begins again once when we get her into the kitchen and put her in the high chair.

Thankfully Mark is very patient and once Ashley is fed she soon settles down again.

Mark had to have a go at the babysitter the other day about being late. We're paying her $75 for the day and she can't even get to our house on time!

She is really only looking after Ashley for a few hours anyway, it's not even a full day since I get home before Mark does. I think she should consider herself lucky that we are paying her that amount.

We now have a pet cat thanks to Mark. It kept creeping over our fence and sleeping on our back veranda and of course Mark ended up feeding it so it kept coming back.

It didn't have a collar on so we couldn't find out who it's owner was. It was actually pregnant with kittens so as soon as she had them we put them up for adoption. Personally I am not a cat person but she seems quite sweet and doesn't cause much noise or destruction.

Ashley isn't too sure of our new feline family member. She tends to not go too close to her which please's me. I'd hate for the cat to lash out and scratch her. Mark hasn't named her yet either.

Work is going well and I've been working really hard lately, hopefully towards a promotion. I really want to make it to Lieutenant so I've been reading up on what it takes to do that. If I got the promotion my hours would stay the same but I'd get about $100 more a week.

Mark seems to be happy where he is with work at the moment. His hours are annoying because he gets home after 9pm but at least he has most of the day with Ashley and I know he likes to having a day off during the week.

The weather has been warm but wet lately so we've been working out in the lounge room together. This is normally what we do as fun together, we love to work out and keep fit!

I brought some new active wear and after one of our work outs Mark couldn't keep his hands off me. He loves it when I wear my active wear and always tells me how sexy I look. He quite often ends up interrupting our work out just to kiss and grope me. I don't mind though!

Saturday Mark has work so I let him sleep in before he leaves and Ashley and I spend the day together. It's like a girls day! It's definitely a juggle trying to focus on my career and raise a toddler but as soon as I look into her green eyes and see her sweet smile it melts my heart and reminds me it's all worth it.

I've been trying hard to teach Ashley to talk but she has only mastered a few words. I try not to get too concerned but it is at the back of my mind that she isn't learning quick enough.

Most of the time she just looks at me with this dumbfounded look which makes me think that maybe my style of teaching isn't very good or helpful.

We usually take a long walk down to the main park in town. She loves being outside too and is always looking and pointing at things from the stroller. Whatever she points at I try to sound out to her and she does her best to imitate what I've said.

She has two favorite rides at the park, one is the seahorse.

And the other is the pony. She has a lot of fun riding these and surprisingly once it's time to get off she doesn't whinge or start crying, she is very good like that.

Most of the time we stay out all morning and don't get back home till lunch time. If the weather is nice sometimes we sit outside and eat lunch.

But quite often Ashley has other ideas, she just wants to keep playing while I clean up her mess. The life of a parent, constantly cleaning up the mess of your offspring.

I voiced my concerns to Mark about Ashley taking longer than usual to learn to talk and he seemed to think I was overreacting. He thinks that Ashley is on par for her age and that if we don't notice anything unusual then there shouldn't be any reason to be concerned.

He said we should have more patience for her when it comes to learning new things. I think he means I should have more patience though which is probably true, I can be quite impatient at times.

She certainly has no trouble interacting with her toys. She loves playing her xylophone and it's so cute to watch her when she wacks the pins and then she hears the sound it makes.

 Mark told me the other night he would like us to have another baby and give Ashley a little brother or sister.

But I'm not sure I'm ready for that. I feel like I don't have enough time as it is and I'd much rather wait until Ashley is at least in elementary school before even getting pregnant again.

Gameplay notes:
  • Finally an update and first one for Round 3! :D Title song is In My Daughter's Eyes by Martina McBride. I didn't even know where to start with this household so I just jumped right in to wherever they were and whatever they were doing. lol They are a pretty easy family to play except for their odd working hours.
  • I accepted a job opportunity for Justine to read, Protect, Serve & Look Good Doing It, which would improve her relationship with her boss and also career improvement. I have no doubt though that she looks good protecting and serving the community. ;) She read the book but is yet to go back to work. I'll update this space if she gets her promotion.
  • Mark is just cruising in his job which is fine by me and obviously him. lol He gets to look after Ashley in the mornings while mum is at work. I think it's nice that they both have they're own time to spend with Ashley. I find this easier to build the relationship between parent and child rather than having both parents around the same time all the time.
  • So the cat. I have no idea where the cat came from so I just made something up. lol She had two kittens and there was just way too much meowing so I had them put both up for adoption. Mark is also the only one who plays and feeds the cat too. He rolls wants to look after it. Justine has maybe rolled one want, Let Sniff Hand, but that it's it. I was actually thinking of getting them a puppy a bit further down the track. Maybe next update I'll give them one, for Justine. ;)
Thanks for looking and reading! Have a great rest of the week and if you're in Melbourne, stay warm! :)

Carla  – (14 May, 2017)  

Phantom cat! Do you have Story Progression on, either the EA one or Twallan's? I think they can adopt pets autonomously with that, though I've usually got a notification about it when entering the house. I think, anyway! It's been a long time, as I ended up turning basically all story progression off, apart from friendship. They can make friends on their own but that's it!

Anyway, Mark and Justine are a cute couple - I like your take on them, as they always seem a bit miserable in other simmers' stories and when I played them, they seemed pretty happy! Ashley is very cute and I'm sure she'll thrive under her mother's extremely watchful-if-impatient eye!

Jennifer  – (16 May, 2017)  

Haha, phantom cat indeed! I think I did have it on but have since turned it off. Yeah with Twallan's SP that normally gives a notification, but I find with his if I get too many then notifications it freaks me out and I can't focus on the household that I'm playing. lol Too many notifications annoy me anyway.

Thanks, I've really taken to the Keaton's as well. :) I've wanted to play and included this family in my story for so long so I'm really glad that you like them as well. I think they are one of my better townie make overs I've done.

Thanks for reading & commenting, appreciate it. :)

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