Happy Birthday To You, January 2103

Yumi Sekemoto celebrated her 63rd birthday at home with a small gathering of family and friends.

Back in her younger years she was known to be a bit of a party animal and even today she still enjoys a good party.

Having her son and her grandson around keep her happy and busy too. She wouldn't have it any other way, she loves being close to her family.

Little Sam keeps her on her toes and gives her endless laughs.

Bradley Kane turned 44 and celebrated with his wife Alesha, who took him out for dinner at their favorite restaurant.

Afterwards they drove to the Greenland Bay beach to watch the sunset together.

They've had some up's and down's through the years but nothing could stop these childhood sweethearts from being madly in love with each other.

Brad recently received a promotion that he was working hard for and he received a rather large bonus, $2,820 big! So they decided to take a mini vacation. Korva was left behind as punishment due to her recent rebellious behavior. She was given strict rules and chores to do over the two days while all the adults were away.

Christopher Steel's 31st birthday started as a not so exciting day. He spent a couple of hours fishing at his favorite watering hole and since this is his means of income he was technical working.

He received his usual yearly call from his mother who wished him a happy birthday.

But later in the afternoon he had a surprise visit from his good friend Victoria, who came over to wish him a happy birthday.

And give him a brithday gift!

 Christopher cooked up some spag bowl and Victoria ended up staying for dinner.

Later they danced to some tunes on a new stereo that Christopher had bought himself. It was probably one of Christopher's more memorable birthday's he'd ever had.

Other January birthday's:

Trey Downey turned 29
Beau Andrews turned 40
Joshua Seymour turned 25

Gameplay notes:
  • Yumi is quite well know in town, she knows a lot of people and that meant that many people came to her party. But lots of the sims were stuck inside because of the sliding being blocked by many sim. :|
  • Bradley & Alesha are having terrible trouble with Korva. She is being so rebellious! It's pretty hilarious really. Though Alesha doesn't seem to think so. lol I got a pop up saying that Alesha HAD enough and she put Korva in time out. Poor Alesha seems to do all the disciplining and Brad just doesn't seem to care. lol After their dinner date an opportunity came up for all the adults to go on vacation so I allowed it. I think Alesha needed a break from Korva.
  • Christopher and Victoria have some serious chemistry. He rolled so many wants for her that I had to fulfill some of the them. I'm won't say too much about these two, you will have to wait for both their household updates. ;)
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! :)

Carla  – (03 August, 2017)  

Happy birthday everyone! Fun to see Yumi again - I'd forgotten about her but I always liked that family.

Aw, some romance for Christopher! He always seems like such a lonely guy to me, when I've played Sunset Valley.

Jennifer  – (17 August, 2017)  

Thanks Carla! :) I've always like the Sekemoto family too and found them a bit interesting than some of the other families in Sunset Valley.

Yeah I kinda get that vibe from Christopher too, poor guy. lol I think things are going to change for him soon though. He and Victoria get along so well, they just seem to have this connection which I cannot deny them. ;)

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