Round 3 Summer, February 2103
Parker Family - Johnny is 42, Susannah is 41 and Flynn is 17

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Narrated by Flynn Frio.

Lately I've been finding school really hard. I never imagine in the last years I'd have this amount of homework. Sometimes I'm up late just trying to get it done.

Sometimes I ask Johnny for help, he is really good like that. He seems to know what he is taking about because I always get a good mark if he helps me.

I've been studying hard because I want to get a good grade so I get into university. I'm still not sure what I want to major in but probably something to do with technology as that is my main interest.

I really enjoy the field trips we get to take during school hours. We went to a bistro in town and learned a few things about being a chef. We even got to make french fries. I think school should do more field trips! They are super fun and I find them really interesting.

Mum recently got a promotion to Editor In Chief and I over heard her talking to Johnny that she got a bonus of three thousand bucks!

I hope this promotion means that she will be home more often and not working so much. I feel like she works heaps and isn't really home much. When she is home she is often working on her book.

Johnny and I often have dinner together without mum. He's pretty good at cooking but not as good as my mum.

When mum does cook it is bloody amazing and can't help myself from licking the plate clean. She must have learned from grandma Barbara because she also cooks amazing dinners as well. I try to remember to thank mum for cooking and tell her how amazing it was.

Sometimes after dinner Johnny and I will play on his arcade machines, man they are so much fun! Johnny has some of the coolest things ever.

Speaking of coolest things ever, I asked him if he would give me a driving lesson. He said yes and I was totally stoked!

I thought he would take me out in mums car but he let me drive his totally hotted up car. It rumbles like thunder when it starts up and goes pretty fast too. I still can't believe he gave me a driving lesson in it!
We drove around the back streets and up past my uncle Will's house. We ended up driving around a couple of times and I was getting the hang it but I was driving super slow but I eventually clocked up enough hours to go and pass for my drivers license test.

Leisure day came around and Johnny decided to throw a pool party. Mum invited our uncle Will and his family but they already had plans so couldn't make it, but Zoey and grandma Barbara came, and mum said I could invite a friend so I invited Hayley.

We've been friends for a while now, well ever since she moved to Greenland Bay. Her family moved here from Shang Simla China because of her mum and dads work.

We are both interested in technology and I even told her about the hacking I do. Not many people know about it, mainly because I don't want to get caught!

Hayley confessed that she really likes me more than a friend and I told her I felt the same way. We then had our first kiss! I'm glad it was in private and not out near the pool with everyone watching.

Mum and Johnny went on vacation for two days somewhere. It was really spontaneous and unexpected but I think it was like a mini honeymoon since they never really had one after they got married.

Of course I invited Hayley over. It's nice when it's just the two of us and no one else around. I cooked us some mac n cheese for dinner and then we took a dip in the spa.

It was such a warn night despite Autumn being only a few days away. After our spa we sat close on the decking and watched the stars together.

Mum left me a list of things to do while she was away. Unfortunately it involved lots of cleaning. Like cleaning the kitchen, mainly I was trying to clean up after my own mess, which sometimes I forgot about and then it would smell real bad the next day.

Clean up the old newspapers.

And take out the trash. I can't really complain too much because I never have to do this stuff when mum is home. I guess maybe I should help out a bit more with chores but I sometimes I just forget to do that stuff.

Game play notes:
  • Title song is Honestly by American Football.
  • I was a bit stuck on what to do for this update so I decided to focus on Flynn. He's always been a good kid and I've always liked him. I guess he reminds me of his father, Connor, who I don't include in updates on anymore. Though Flynn is nothing like his father in personality, thankfully!
  • I know Flynn is 19 and in the real world he should be finished school but with the ageing system I'm using it means they do not physically age up until they are 21. I'm thinking about changing this though because being 19 and still stuck in school sounds horrible, lol!
  • Edit: This age thing has been really bugging me, so for this update Flynn will be 17 and then he will age up (physically) to a young adult when I do his birthday month post. ;)
  • Because I had to reinstall all my sims into a fresh new hood for my new computer, Flynn's school grade was only a C when I switched to their household. I had him do his homework, get help with it and also sign up for after school activity. I also had him accept two opportunity's to help increase his school performance. So far it has all helped and his grade is now an A and he has been on the Honor Roll for two days straight, aiming for three!
  • The only thing Flynn doesn't have is a part time job but I'm not too worried about that because he hacks a lot on his computer adding a fair amount of dollars to the household funds. Last time he hacked just under $1000! Also he'll be going to university once he has graduated from high school.
  • Also, a small introduction to Flynn's girlfriend Hayley. I think she is really cute and they make a cute couple. I'm not sure why but I've always pictured him with a girlfriend of Asian descent.
  • Susannah has been doing really well in her job performance with her journalism career. She was promoted and received a nice big bonus and she has been writing some articles that have been getting rave reviews. She also finished writing a book called The Holmberg-Weilder Effect which was a total hit and sell out! 
Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Carla  – (03 October, 2017)  

Flynn and Hayley make a cute couple! And I'm sure Susannah and Johnny would be glad he didn't take too much of advantage of them being away and throw a wild party or anything. ;) Could have been much worse! He seems like a pretty sensible kid, while still being a normal teen.

Jennifer  – (06 October, 2017)  

Thanks Carla, I think they do too! I can really see a future for these two. I'm shipping them already. ;) Flynn isn't really the wild party type, that's more his sister's style. lol

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