At My Most Beautiful

Round 3 Autumn, March 2103
Williams Family - Marcus is 39, Amy is 27,  Malika is 6 and Annika is 2.

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Narrated by Marcus Williams.

Ever since Malika aged up she has grown quite fond of the family cat, Lily. We gave her the responsibility of feeding and grooming her and she has taken to it quite seriously.

They pay a lot together. Sometimes Malika teases her with the laser and she giggles the whole time.

Sometimes they'll play chasey though it doesn't usually last long if Malika runs out side and it's been raining that day. I think she forgets the known rule that cats don't like water.

I think Amy forgot about his rule as well and attempted to give Lily a bath. Her forgetfulness might have been caused from pregnancy brain at the time but the action resulted in her getting quite a lot of scratches all over her arms.

I attached a cat toy to the wall which also keeps Lily entertained but quite often Malika assists her in playing with it. They really have become the best of friends.

The only thing Malika forgets about is cleaning the kitty litter. I'm not sure if she forgets intentionally or not but I'm usually the one who ends up cleaning it. It's not that bad, could be worse I guess, like if we had a dog.

Our eldest daughter has become quite the avid reader lately. Amy bought her a few comic books from the book store in town and Malika just loves them. It seems she prefers books over the TV, which please's Amy and I. There is really never anything worth watching on TV anyway.

Since becoming pregnant with our second child Amy has been trying to keep her exercise up by practising her ballet. She was originally going to the gym almost everyday so I had a ballet bar installed in the garage so she could practise at home.

Now that it is Autumn it's been too cold to swim in the pool and she says this type of exercise is meant to be low impact while she is pregnant, though lately she has been complaining of a sore back.

She practises almost everyday so I suggested that maybe she should take it easy and try every second day instead. She said besides her sore back she is feeling fine but I suspect that she might be feeling a little restless this second time around being pregnant.

With every check up at the doctors there has been nothing out of the ordinary show up. Amy has always been given the all clear as well as the baby. I'm not sure why this time around she feels so restless.

The third trimester seems to have been more tiresome for her. Most afternoons she has sat down in the rocking chair and fallen asleep for a couple of hours. I can understand why though because from the moment she wakes she gets up and goes and does not stop. And then once she wakes from her nap she will insist on cooking dinner for Malika and I.

Malika was quite excited about the fact that mummy was going to have a baby. She asked us a lot of questions and wanted to know the sex of the baby but this time around we decided not to find out. We wanted it to be a surprise but secretly I was hoping for another girl.

It hasn't been that long since we had a new born but we thought we would read up on any new methods of parenting. We both want to give our children the very best and teach them the best skills possible. One night after I finished reading the parenting book I had the strangest dream.

I dreamt that a UFO was hovering outside the front of our house and for some strange reason I felt a strong desire to go outside and inspect it. It was like I had no control over my body and that something else was making me walk out there.

I walked up to the light and stood directly under it. Suddenly I was being lifted up and I was screaming but there was no sound coming out. I was looking down at the ground I was being pulled further and further away from it.

 Then everything went blank.

The next thing I remember, it must have been about an hour later in my dream, and the UFO returned to the same spot outside the front of our house. With it's light it lowered me to the ground and then disappeared in the blink of an eye. It was the strangest dream I have ever had. It felt freakishly real too. But when I woke up from it I was still in my bed dressed in my sleepwear.

The next morning Amy asked me if I was okay because she had woken that same night needing to go to the bathroom and said that I had been quite vocal while I was sleeping.

I told her the whole dream in detail but she wasn't sure what to think of it. I was shocked myself about how I was able to describe every detail and then I had a thought, that I would type it all out on the computer. Who know's maybe it could be an idea for my next book.

So that morning I went up to my office and typed up every detail that I could think of about the dream. It actually came to be quite a large word count.

Not long after that strange dream Amy went into labour. I'm not sure what happened but I suddenly got terrible dose of anxiety and started freaking out. It's like I couldn't think, luckily Amy was with it and she asked me to go get the car ready so we could go to the hospital.

And that morning we welcomed a little baby girl into the world by the name of Annika. She was beautiful and she had Amy's deep blue eyes. They kept Amy and the baby in hospital for two days to monitor both and then they were discharged to go home.

I was quite excited for them to return home and to spend some time with Annika. Holding her in my arms made me realise how much I miss having a new born. I always enjoyed nursing Malika when she was a baby.

Amy got into the routine of getting up early to bathe and feed Annika and then take her for a short stroll.

Working from home definitely has it's perks. I love being able to wake up everyday and spend time with my family. I feel like the time can go very quickly and I feel like it's a reminder to cherish those special times especially when they are so young.

And soon the time came for Annika to have her birthday. I know Amy was feeling a little disheartened that this time had came around so quickly. She tends to get quite attached to them when they are baby's which I can understand.

The next stage of learning I find quite fun though. Teaching them to walk, talk and use the potty can be a challenge but that's what parenting is all about.


Game play notes:
  • Title song is At My Most Beautiful by R.E.M. 
  • This was probably the longest play session I've done in a while. It was so long that I even had an alien abduction. lol More on that later though.
  • A few days into playing this family I had the strangest glitch where everyone in the neighbourhood stopped ageing. They wouldn't age up with the cheat enabled or with the birthday cake, it was absolutely bizarre and it only happened after I installed the Williams family from an old save. Anyway after wasting a day trying to figure it out I eventually saved each sim to the CAS bin and then created them as a family again. That worked! Luckily I've been Saving As lately (a lot actually lol) so I had a recent save I could go back to that wasn't tainted by this annoying glitch. 
  • Marcus wrote three novels in the time I played them. His alien abduction I thought was hilarious and it hardly ever happens in my games so I decided to write it into their update. Not that I could cancel the interaction anyway, only if I exited without saving, but I don't like doing that. lol Thankfully he didn't get pregnant because I don't know how I would have worked around that. Though it would have been cool to have an alien baby!
  • Marcus has a nice steady income writing the novels and his latest one, The Case of The Missing Gnome, gave him 6 royalty payments of $680! That's the highest amount I've ever had a sim receive. Amy joined the photography career but is yet to take any shots that even remotely amount to a small wage. It would probably help if she left the house more often. lol That's something I might focus on in their next update.
  • Malika was still a toddler at the start of this play session so I aged her up to a child and then got Amy pregnant. Malika gained Shy and Neat traits. After Amy got pregnant Marcus rolled a want to have a girl, Amy didn't roll anything. lol
Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

Carla  – (18 October, 2017)  

Ha, I was going to ask if sims can get pregnant from alien abduction in TS3! I can't remember what expansion that came with but I put a mod in to stop abductions dead basically as soon as I found one! Glad it didn't affect Marcus in that way, in any event!

I was feeling girl vibes for these two! Annika is so cute. I hope Malika is as happy with an actual little sibling as she was with the idea of one!

Jennifer  – (27 October, 2017)  

Yep they sure can and most times they normally do too. I'm so glad that Marcus didn't though! lol Oh my gosh I don't know what I would have done.

Malika is enjoying having a sister, though she is looking forward to the time when they can actually play properly together. For now she has to settle with peek a boo. lol

Thanks Carla. :)

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