Happy Birthday To You, March 2103

April Hamilton knew just the thing to get her husband, Jon, to relax on his 48th birthday and that was to drag him along with her to their favourite holiday destination, Mountain Top Retreat in Sunlit Tides.

Well she didn't physically have to drag him, he came willingly with her. On the plane he agreed that he needed some time away from work. Jon loved his work but he loved his family more so when his wife told him they were going away for few days he went.

They threw their togs on and sat in the sauna for a while. Jon was a big fan of the sauna, April not so much as it messed with her hair and make up but she very happy to be spending some alone time with her husband.

Their first visit to Mountain Top Retreat was as newlyweds on their honeymoon. The place hasn't changed much, the weather is still warm, the sun still shinning high, the sky still blue as the ocean and the fruit platters still to die for. April always ordered a fruit platter every time they visited. It might cost a small fortune but it was worth it for the display and the exotic fruit flavours of Sunlit Tides.

The Mountain Top Retreat was an exclusive private hideaway on top of the highest and only mountain in Sunlit Tides, that is if you exclude the volcanic mountain. It was very private, had the best views, and there was a 24 hour maid, butler and chef service available.

The Hamilton's definitely knew how to relax in luxury when they went away on holiday. Day time was usually filled with naps in the sun.

And reading. April always brought a couple of books with her whenever they went away.

Jon enjoyed practising his shuffleboard skills.

As soon as dusk hit they took a soak in the spa. The retreat had a second lower level section where the spa and other recreational activities were available.

Dinner they ate every night under the stars and it usually consisted of some type of fresh fish that was caught locally and then cooked by the 24 hour chef on duty.

Jon usually fell asleep early after dinner. Her husband wasn't much of a sleeper at home and she understood that he worked long hours at the law firm and why, so if he was able to catch up on his sleep when they went away she didn't mind.

Plus it gave her an excuse to have some alone time and soak in a revitalising mud bath. This was one of April's favourite things to do and she always looked forward to them. There was something so calming about soaking in a bath full of mud with a slice of cucumber over each eye.

Jon didn't tell his wife that he brought his work laptop with him but he was sure she already knew. There wasn't much that April didn't know about. He had odd sleeping patterns which was probably caused from working too much but work was always on his mind no matter what he was doing.
He trusted Johnny, his business partner, to look after the firm while he was away but he still liked to check in to see what was going on and if there were any updates on the cases the firm was looking after.

There were also massage tables on the second lower level and April and Jon always took advantage of these. You had the option of massaging each other but why do that when you could both relax and be massaged by a professional.

For a couple of days the sun was a lot warmer than they thought and they both got sunburned early one morning. During breakfast they opted to sit in the shade though by the time they ate the temperature was already about 34 degrees. What is a holiday away to the tropics if you didn't get sunburn?

Other birthday's:

Pippa Seymour 16
Howard Seymour 67
Annika Williams 2

Gameplay notes:
  • There weren't any major age ups this month (ie; physical changes) but I still like to be able to celebrate their pretend birthday's. ;) I feel like it gives them a bit more life and makes them feel that little bit more real.
  • Howard and Barbara are getting on now and I'm so nervous about them passing. 
  • No anniversary's this month. I'm sure I've got some couples that don't have one yet but I just haven't got around to deciding when and dates etc. 
  • I forgot that sims could get sunburned! Both Jon and April went red and also got the sunburned moodlet which lasted for over 10hrs! I didn't even realise the temperature until I hovered my curser over the sun in the control panel. Opps. I felt bad for them so I had them take a nap afterwards. lol Being sunburned is the worst!
  • April is also a little thin and toned side for my liking. I mean it would be okay if she worked out all day but yeah she doesn't. lol Unfortunately TS3 does not have the greatest sliders to alter this, there is really no in-between, just thin or fat. It annoys me because I like my sims to actually look their age and their lifestyle. One of the things I envy TS4 players. They way you can alter a sims physical appearance is awesome.

Thanks for reading and have a great week! :)

Carla  – (19 November, 2017)  

I've only just started celebrating pretend birthdays but I really love it too! It really does make them feel more real.

Anyway, I'm glad Jon had such a relaxing holiday...even if he did sneak some work in there! I guess he's a workaholic, or perhaps ambitious?

Carla  – (19 November, 2017)  
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Jennifer  – (10 December, 2017)  

I'm finding them quite fun too, thinking up ways in which my sims can celebrate their birthdays. :)

Yep John has the workaholic trait! In real game life he actually works in the political career because there is no such Lawyer career. lol

Thanks Carla and sorry for the delay in replying! :)

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